Digital Colour Label Printing

Fulfilling short and medium runs within tight timeframes economically has driven the shift to digital ink jet label Printing. Multiple SKUs, regional variation, customisation and individual traceability combine to upset the traditional economics of label printing. Demands from customers are more diverse and also, more urgent.

Domino’s N-Series includes the 1200dpi N730i and 600dpi N610i seven colour digital label presses designed to address these market trends profitably.

The Generation 7 N730i using the very latest Brother BITSTAR™ print head, with 1200dpi print resolution, delivers consistent high-quality print at the highest operating speeds. It incorporates Domino’s renown, and now enhanced i-Tech, intelligent technology features, including automated maintenance from i-Tech CleanCap2, consistent print density and registration from the new i-Tech SetAlign and optimum ink jetting reliability from i-Tech ActiFlow.

With almost a 1,000 installation of our Generation 6 ink jet technology in operation, the N610i digital ink jet press is the perfect solution for cost-effective printing of short and medium production run length jobs. i-Tech features combine to provide unparalleled reliability, automation and performance. The N610i  is configured in both reel to reel as well as part of a hybrid label press, combining digital with conventional print and embellishment capabilities.

Supplied with Domino’s class leading inhouse UV curable ink sets for a wide range of self-adhesive and shrink-sleeve label applications. Provide excellent light fastness, abrasion resistance with high opacity white for silk screen replacement as well as an option for food packaging compliance.


Whether to link a product via a scannable 2D code to enable a consumer to learn more about a product, or to track a product through the supply chain, or to facilitate product recalls, or to provide an anti-counterfeit or parallel trade measure, Domino has a range of ink jet printers to meet your specific requirements.

For complete monochrome digital print capability across the complete web width, integrate a Domino K600i printer into your existing conventional press or finishing line to provide high quality digital flexo-like print. It is offered in different print width configurations to suit your application and with vibrant UV-curable or LED-curable inks. Each K600i printer prints variable data including alpha-numerics and a range of industry standard barcodes and 2D codes, including QR and Data Matrix code, in any orientation or position on the web.

Print simple alpha-numeric numbering sequences using the cost-effective Domino Ax-Series printer range. With fast drying ink options suitable for a wide range of substrates and commonly used for pharmaceutical labels in back-numbering applications.

The Domino Editor GT data controller accepts input files based on common industry standard file formats and has simple tools for creating numbering sequences including cut-and-stack and modulus numbering plus provides an extensive library of barcode and 2D code formats. The Domino controller solution has as standard print signal confirmation and options for integrated full vision system verification.  


As an alternative to full color digital label Printing, while avoiding the complexity of managing multiple SKUs, the K600i can be deployed as an on demand digital black print bar integrated within the existing label press or finishing line. Multiple versions including language variants can be cost effectively printed as single production runs. Simplifies inventory management and facilitates flexibility to respond to short term customer requirements.