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Our support services provide high-quality local on-site assistance and rapid remote support to give you an outstanding level of care, wherever you are

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Keeping Your Printers Working Worldwide​

At Domino, your continuous production uptime is our top priority, and we are committed to providing the best service and support throughout your product life cycle.​

From practical, standalone printer installations, through to complex systems integration using multiple printers and software, we have a dedicated team of experts ready to deliver the optimum solution. 

“We’ve chosen Domino as our standard provider because of their superior service, superior technology in their products and the strong partnerships in our supply chain.”
Glenn Siegele
President, Omega Design

Global Support

Outstanding levels of care wherever you are.

Through a global network of 25 subsidiaries and over 200 distributors, we offer extensive customer support in over 120 countries.

We have dedicated teams of experts to support complex applications, OEM integrations and sector-specific custom solutions.

You can be assured of increased machine availability and higher productivity through the rapid support and expertise of our Customer Service technical teams, who dedicate themselves to maximising your uptime.

Rapid Remote Support

Domino offers on-demand, video-based remote troubleshooting and repair via our SafeGuard AR support tool. This can enable much faster diagnosis and easier repair of the most typical issues, when compared to traditional phone support.

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SafeGuard: The Service And Support Plan You Need To Eliminate Downtime

Our range of support plans extended warranty on parts and labour that will help to ensure optimal performance of your printer well beyond the standard factory warranty, safeguarding your production output.​

For some products, SafeGuard is further enhanced with Domino Cloud, which enables your Domino printer to be monitored remotely, allowing proactive issue identification and diagnostics; all in the effort to help reduce costly downtime.

"Customer Uptime is a key measure of our success in supporting our customers across all industries"
Eddie Storan
Global Head of Service, Domino Printing

SafeGuard: Our Skills, Training And Technology​

Engineer Expertise​

Extensive engineer training to skill them in the best possible way for fault identification and resolution


Cloud-based systems that constantly monitor your systems to provide alerts of problems well before they arise

Augmented reality tools that allow us to be virtually with you
Market-leading IT tools that maximise our engineers’ efficiency while on site


Customer Training

Training services and easy-to-understand printer documentation

Our Support Approach

Domino provide proactive service support​

We have a range of support techniques to assist you

Why Buy From Domino?


By taking a support agreement provides you with peace of mind that if anything does go wrong we will be there to assist getting production going as quick as possible.


Domino engineers go through an extensive training program that covers print technology, applications and customer production requirements to be knowledgeable and efficient.


We pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience. Our NPS® score of 77 for technical service is exceptional.


Domino’s mix of Cloud and AR proactively monitor your solution to alert you to any problems and if needed we can be virtually with you.​

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System Support​

Looking for the latest software, drivers, manuals or need help with your product?​

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