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Founded in 1978, Domino has established a global reputation for the continual development and manufacture of its total coding and printing technologies that meet the needs of manufacturers and sets new industry standards in quality and reliability.

Through a global network of 25 subsidiary offices and in excess of 200 distributors, the Domino Group operates in over 120 countries employing over 2,700 people worldwide with manufacturing facilities situated in UK, China, Germany, India, Sweden and USA. On 11 June 2015, Domino became an autonomous division of Brother Industries Limited. Brother Industries Limited is a public company based in Nagoya Japan and is listed on the Japanese Stock Exchange (6448:Tokyo).


Articles from Domino Printing Sciences

Domino chooses Oracle Cloud to Expand Service-Based Business Offering for Customers

With operations in over 120 countries, and manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, China, Germany, India, Sweden, and Switzerland, Domino employs over 3,000 people worldwide and has a proven track record for excellence in the fields of coding and marking, and digital printing. In recent years the company has expanded and diversified its offerings to include new subscription-based services that provide additional value to its global customer base.


What Does Christmas Look Like In...? Surprising Seasonal Consumption and Production Statistics from Around the World

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s interesting to take a look at how countries all over the world celebrate and to consider all the work that goes into making the holiday season a success.


Advanced Services: The Business Case for Sustainable Productivity

Industry 4.0 and smart solutions play a critical role in achieving sustainable productivity. However, investing in new technology may seem risky without a return-on-investment guarantee – particularly at a time of supply chain volatility, global market instability, and rising costs.


Learn how 16 industry leaders are adapting to the market despite the label material shortages

The video features a wide cross-section of label industry leaders who discuss and share their thoughts on the label material Supply Chain crisis.


Is It Worth It? The Six Big Risks of ‘Compatible’ Inks and Consumables

Compatible inks may initially perform as expected, but the impacts over time can seriously damage production performance, code quality, worker and consumer safety, and ultimately brand perception.


We Made This – The Talent Behind The N730i

Domino’s N730i digital colour label printer is the product of more than 40 years of inkjet innovation, led by the insight and expertise of more than 3,000 employees. This blog highlights the people at Domino who created and delivered the next-generation printing solution.


Excellent Adhesion Without MEK: Low-Impact Printing on Challenging Substrates

MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) is a solvent used in traditional continuous inkjet inks. Its high evaporation rate means that MEK-based inks are very fast drying, however they are also associated with increased volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.


Everything You Need To Know About Laser Printing Technologies

In this insight blog, Domino’s laser experts provide an expert overview of laser technologies and how to choose the right solution for your coding and marking needs.


Domino Celebrates Success Of ‘Tomorrow’s Solutions’ At Second Day of Spectrum Europe

Day two of Domino’s Spectrum Europe event, hosted at its brand-new European Digital Centre of Excellence (DCE), saw speakers from Lake Image Systems, HSG Packaging, F+V, and Domino, discuss how they are overcoming the challenges faced by the industry, as well as maximising their business potential. Additionally, the benefits of the N730i digital press were highlighted and demonstrated.


Inflation And Volatility Boost the Business Case for Automation in Manufacturing

The world is facing the highest inflation rates in 40 years, and pundits are talking of a possible recession in the coming months.


Domino Hails First Day of Spectrum Europe A Success

At Domino’s brand-new European Digital Centre of Excellence, speakers from FINAT, Cartor, Avery Dennison and Domino took to the stage to discuss challenges faced by the industry – and the N730i digital press was showcased for the first time in Europe.


Is Compulsory Food Traceability the Next Big Step in Consumer Safety?

Product traceability via coding and marking can provide a method for keeping track of food in the supply chain to support the swift and efficient recall of affected products when required.


Five Manufacturing Challenges and How to Overcome Them: Preparing for the Future of Work

The manufacturing industry has suffered significant challenges over the past few years. Manufacturing supply chain issues, increasing labour shortages, pressures of COVID-19, and ongoing global political upheavals have created a very challenging and uncertain economic outlook.


Domino Announces First Spectrum Europe Event at New European Digital Centre of Excellence

Speakers from companies and organisations, including FINAT, Avery Dennison, and Cartor, will join Domino customers and Domino’s experts for the two-day event, which will include presentations, group discussions, networking, and the first chance to see the N730i digital press.


Domino Launches U510 UV Laser to Help Manufacturers Code onto Recyclable Food Packaging Film

Food and beverage manufacturers around the world are under increasing pressure to make their packaging more sustainable – in the EU, this includes a requirement that all packaging be made 100% recyclable or reusable by 2030. Under these new regulations mixed materials, including PET and aluminum foil laminates typically used in food applications, will no longer be permitted.