Volker Watzke


Volker Watzke is Domino's European Medical Devices Sector Manager 

Articles from Volker Watzke

Best ways to print onto blister packaging

Blister packaging is pre-formed plastic packaging comprised of PET or PVC, created to protect a variety of consumer goods. Due to legislations, it's important for products to contain the appropriate coding and labelling information, which can present manufacturers with challenges. This blog explores these common challenges, and solutions available.


Q&A: Why medical device manufacturers must prepare for EU MDR now

The EU Medical Device Regulation presents a huge challenge for medical device manufacturers. Here’s some advice on how to become compliant as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Future Predictions: What’s Next in Medical Device Regulation?

In this article, we will look ahead and discuss what’s next in medical device regulation: the challenges, the opportunities, and the help that Domino can provide.


Finger on the pulse: 7 medical device trends of 2019

During the past five years, myriad developments have shaken the medical device industry, from the revision of ISO 13485 to the introduction of the Medical Device Single Audit Program, not to mention the incoming EU Medical Device Regulations.


EU FMD: Harsh lessons from item-level serialisation in the USA

Having moved past the EU FMD deadline, we look at what pharmaceutical manufacturers can learn from the rollout of similar legislation in the USA.


5 key healthcare and medical events you should know about in 2019

Over the past five years, there have been significant changes in the medical devices industry. With the revision of ISO 13485 in 2016, the Medical Device Single Audit Program becoming more commonly used, and the upcoming changes to the EU Medical Device Regulations, it’s fair to say the industry is on the move.


The Coding & Marking Technologies of the Medical Devices Sector

With the latest roll out of the EU Medical Devices legislation, it is important to uncover the latest in coding and marking technologies. Depending on the medical device and the coding surfaces involved, several different technologies can be deployed for the delivery of Unique Device Identification (UDI) in this sector.


The Role of Coding & Marking in the Medical Devices Sector

Based on manufacturer prices, the European medical technology market is worth €110 billion and is estimated to make up 28% of the world market, making it the second largest in this sector after the USA.


EU Medical Devices Legislation: What is it & how does it affect me?

The term ‘medical device' covers a broad range of items. Mainly it is referred to as an apparatus or a piece of equipment that is used to treat or diagnose a condition which comes into direct contact with the patient. This could be a simple pair of contact lenses, or a more sophisticated device such as a pacemaker.


New legislations & staying compliant in the medical devices sector – an audience with Volker Watzke

In the past, there was very little need for medical device identification. With the adoption of the upcoming EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) this will all change. We spoke with Volker Watzke, Domino’s EU Medical Devices Sector Development Manager to get his insight.