Prints with precision onto labels and meticulously positions them onto the corners of boxes, cartons or packages.

Domino M230i-CW & CWR labelling a box Serialisation and full tracability

Designed to meet your needs for a secure track and trace process through the entire supply chain.

M-Series TouchPanel used with the Domino M230i-CW & CWR Operator usability at its best

With an intuitive UI, easy navigation and tool-free consumables changes, the user experience is consummate.

Developed to drive increases in reliability, security and accuracy, the M230i-CW and M230i-CWR is installed next to machinery such as carton erectors, conveyors and other end of line processes. This flexible and robust unit is a Print and Apply solution that handles a variety of label sizes whilst minimising its use of production space. Boasting a unique split pad design, it ensures accurate label placement and high-quality readable print. As an alternative to manual labelling, its goals are repetition, longevity and accuracy.

For total peace of mind, we offer genuine Domino consumables, designed and developed especially for our printers to maximise print quality and significantly reduce unplanned downtime. Agreed scheduled deliveries through Domino’s SafeSupply help you get the genuine consumables you need to keep producing without costly last-minute rushed orders.