Is traceability important for your business?

Front labelling with Mx350i-S4
Front labelling with Mx350i-SP

Our Mx350i-S and Mx350i-SP print and apply labellers offer customised installations to suit specific labelling processes in diverse manufacturing environments. Whether you require labels on the front, rear, top, side, or corner of a moving product or package, our engineering teams can help identify the appropriate applicator and solution.  

The modular design empowers you and Domino to configure the equipment according to your specific requirements:

  • Left or right-hand variants
  • 4-inch or 6-inch printers
  • 130mm or 270mm applicator arms 
  • Abundant numbers of Tamp pads

Moreover, with three distinct running modes, this means that transitioning from labelling one side to two sides of the product, or adapting to a corner wrap application, is seamless. This provides you with unparalleled flexibility in your labelling and traceability process.