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What do you print on?

Printing on flow wrap & film

Our V-Series range of Thermal Transfer Overprint (TTO) coders print variable data, barcodes and 300dpi images onto flexible packaging films and labels for a wide range of applications. It's the ideal solution for adding source, best before and traceability data to flow wrap packaging, giving consumers the reassurance that produce is being grown on well-managed farms.

Our innovative developments have enhanced the capability of TTO technology and made it more affordable for use with flow wrapping machines. And there are three models (V120i, V230i and V320i) available to suit your specific coding needs.

We've helped to reduce the total cost of ownership by engineering these printers for reduced downtime, reduced consumable use, operational simplicity and improved coding capability. These benefits, combined with versatility and simple installation, ensure our V-Series is a great choice whether you are a manufacturer or packaging machinery OEM.

Alternatives to TTO include Domino's Gx-Series TIJ printers offer high quality codes, machine readable codes, true type fonts and barcodes for use with flow wrappers. Special inks are tolerant to long periods of production inactivity, whilst providing excellent first print readability. All are potential solutions to use with flow wrap machines."


Printing on Foil Tops

Domino’s printing solutions are all about product integrity, so safety and reliability considerations are built in from the start. Our inkjet and laser systems can be used on smooth or textured foil surfaces to deliver fine details that are clear to read and hardwearing when handled. The quality of design and build of our solutions helps to ensure maximum uptime with minimal servicing needs.

With the new Ax350i printer, food manufacturers have a high-speed, low-cost option for coding direct to foil, with food quality inks that avoid the risk of taint or transfer. Our printers are easy to customise and simple to set up with a range of different coloured inks that are continuously monitored for viscosity.

Using a D-Series laser printer from Domino, it’s possible to etch codes directly on to foil, with the option to print simultaneously onto multiple tops. Our laser printers can cope easily with demanding production environments, and provide multiple options for printing information in addition to production data, such as symbols and foreign language characters.


Printing on tins and cans

Printing to tins and cans is easy with the latest generation of Ax-Series continuous inkjet printers from Domino. Easy to set up and operate, our printers are extremely versatile and capable of printing clearly onto curved and moulded surfaces, as well as flat. We've also designed the range to be low cost, and easy on ink consumption, and of course, we've developed thermochromic inks that indicate the success of steam sterilisation. With a near-zero maintenance requirement, and no complicated set-ups, our printers guarantee maximum uptime, and no delays in production during changeovers. We've also made them lightweight to carry so it's easy to locate them wherever they are needed, and their IP66 rating means they can be washed down in situ. 


Printing on Tray Sealer Top Webs

Domino inks are developed to be permanent and legible in all applications, and with the Ax-Series printing system from Domino, food producers have a guarantee of high performance, high speed, and minimum cost of ownership. Using inkjet or thermal transfer technology as appropriate, Domino’s online printing systems are flexible, easy to use, and quickly adaptable to the day’s production schedule. They’re also IP66 rated, to resist water ingress from a rigorous clean down.

Lightweight, flexible and easy to set up and use, the Ax-Series uses food-grade inks that adhere well to every surface, and dry quickly for immediate packing. Along with the assurance that ink solvent use is minimised, food producers can be confident of low operating costs that support tight margins.  Domino's V-Series thermal transfer coder allows for both label and flexible film printing with no inks.  


Printing on Pouches

The pouch is growing in popularity for snack foods, especially in the ‘healthy/natural’ sector. With that market in mind, producers looking for a low-cost printer with reduced environmental impact should consider our V-Series thermal transfer or Ax-Series continuous inkjet printers. They apply clear and detailed codes onto a wide range of pouch materials.

The V230i offers maintenance-free operation, and highly efficient, low-cost ribbon usage. Printing can be direct to packaging, or onto a label, and a number of lines can be printed for vital details such as allergen information, as well as QR codes, barcodes, and traceability data.

Our continuous inkjet printers carefully control the viscosity of inks to ensure minimum ink consumption and waste, and an IP66 rating means that the printers can be cleaned down on the process line. Overall, the Ax-Series range is designed to be low maintenance, maximising uptime and availability, and reducing total cost of use. High print speed capability and fast-drying inks help these printers keep pace with demanding production regimes, providing clear, legible codes time after time.


Printing on eggshells

Our Ax-Series CIJ printers provide eggshell coding solutions for small egg farms, through to full grader integration across multiple egg grading lines. They support the widely used Egg Print Protocol to meet the coding demands of industrial production.

The Ax-Series printers deliver maximum flexibility and uptime on your production lines, ensuring that you can code your eggs when required. They can work in almost any environment due to an IP55 printer cabinet with a sealed IP66 electronics enclosure and optional 316 stainless steel cabinet, providing maximum protection during washdowns.

Domino's eggshell coding inks are manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and Direct Food Contact guidelines to support local food legislation requirements. All three ink colour options - red, blue, and green - have excellent contrast for clear visibility on white or brown eggs. They are compliant with EU, FDA, and Chinese regulations on food additives, and are Kosher certified.


Ideal solutions for the food sector

Ax350 Continuous Inkjet Printer


Speed, accuracy, and the ability to perform in tough and varied environments give the latest Domino Ax-Series continuous inkjet printers unique technological advantages.

Domino Gx350i Thermal Inkjet Printer


Designed for use on challenging substrates, our intelligent, high-resolution modular Gx-Series thermal inkjet printers are simple to install, maintain, and use on your production line

V230i Thermal Transfer Overprinter


Our V-Series range of thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) can print real-time and variable data, machine-readable codes and images onto flexible packaging films and labels

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