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International rules on traceability, GMP and falsified medicines demand coding systems that are reliable and capable of printing on a wide range of products.

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Patient safety and security of supply with Domino

Secure processes and trustworthy partners are essential to ensure patient safety and product availability. As a GS1 Solution Partner and the world's leading provider of reliable and future-proof coding, marking, labeling and printing technologies, Domino offers innovative solutions tailored to the specific requirements and needs of the life sciences industry.


Specialised Solutions


K600G, the digital breakthrough for blister foil and sealed blisters

Upgrade your production with the latest Hi-Res digital blister foil, web and sealed blister printing solution.

Developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical industry innovator Gallarus, the K600G is a ground-breaking, high-resolution, digital printing solution. It achieves high-quality, reliable and digital variable data printing at speeds of up to 75m/min at 600 dpi.

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What do you print on?

Printing on Vials and Ampoules

Accurate marking of vials and ampoules is essential to make sure that their contents can be tracked, distributed, and used correctly. However, with multiple materials available, it can be difficult to find product coding and labelling solutions that are flexible enough to meet your needs.

Domino offers a range of laser coding and continuous inkjet printing solutions that can be used to create accurate text, graphics, and 2D Data Matrix codes on a variety of materials – making them ideal for marking plastic or glass. With no need for inks or solvents, our laser printers use minimal resources – creating a cost-effective, low-maintenance product coding solution. Our continuous inkjet printers are designed for easy operation – working with a broad range of fluids to create reliable, accurate product coding across a range of substrates. All our laser and inkjet printers are designed to retain their high performance while minimising their size – allowing them to be integrated into your existing production process.

Our printing technology is complemented by a range of flexible, high-quality labelling solutions – helping you to achieve accurate marking and coding at all packaging levels, from product to pallet.


Printing on Examination Glove Packaging

As Class I medical devices, examination gloves will soon be required to carry a Unique Device Identification (UDI) code on their packaging. By tracing their distribution and use in this way, both your product’s reputation and the health and safety of your users will be protected.

We offer printing solutions that can help you remain compliant by creating human- and machine-readable text, graphics, and 2D DataMatrix codes on a range of packaging material. Our printers are designed to be compact – offering high-quality performance across production and packaging environments. They also minimise the need for maintenance and maximise production uptime by providing robust, economic performance over a long service life.

Our scalable solutions can integrate into existing production processes, and are available for product packaging at all levels – from packet to pallet – helping you to comply with legislative requirements.


Printing on Handheld Surgical Instruments

Tracking the distribution and use of hand-held surgical instruments is essential for safeguarding patient safety. We offer laser printing solutions that can mark even the smallest devices with sharp text, graphics and 2D DataMatrix codes. With F230i you can even adjust the waveform of the laser pulse to allow for better contrast on the softest, or hardest, of materials – making them ideal for marking metal such as single-use stainless steel instruments and good in medical device plastics marking where biological contamination is not critical. Built for robust performance, our fiber laser printers enjoy a long service life.

The F720i does not produce much heat, which minimises the need for cooling. There’s no need for planned maintenance routines as consumables, such as ink and makeup, are not needed. This ensures you don’t lose out on uptime, even at high production rates, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly. With a compact build and flexible i-Tech scan head, they can be installed in areas with limited production and packaging space. Combine our fiber Laser and labelling technology for a marking solution that works from product to pallet – maximising uptime and ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.

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Ideal solutions for the life sciences sector

F720i fibre laser coder


For permanent, precise laser marking of crisp, clear codes onto a wide range of materials, one of Domino Printing’s potential solutions is the F-⁠⁠Series fiber laser system

V230i Therman Transfer Overprinter


Our V-Series range of thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) can print real-time and variable data, machine-readable codes and images onto flexible packaging films and labels

Domino Gx350i Thermal Inkjet Printer


Designed for use on challenging substrates, our intelligent, high-resolution modular Gx-Series thermal inkjet printers are simple to install, maintain, and use on your production line

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