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Code with confidence with Domino’s Extrusion Laser Coding Station

Domino’s ELCS offers permanent and on-the-fly coding at speeds of up to 500m/min for extrusion and rewinding applications. Equipped with a unique product handling system the ELCS helps to avoid downtime while providing the highest possible code quality.

The ELCS offers a CO2 or a fibre laser solution combined with product guidance, length measurement, and high-resolution encoder systems, to provide high-quality coding onto a wide variety of extrusion products, including cables, wires, tubes, and hoses.

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What do you print on?

Printing on plastic pipes and extrusions

 The production of pipes and profiles by extrusion process puts pressure on coding and marking systems in a variety of ways. As extrusion lines typically run 24/7, any stoppages or line speed changes can lead to expensive waste. Printers must support the continuous extrusion process to maintain Overall equipment Efficiency (OEE). At the same time, they must print high quality codes onto curved surfaces and the inks should adhere to the substrates and withstand any post production treatments.

Domino's Ax-Series inkjet printers provide a simple solution when applying clear product codes, meter marks, brand logos, quality marks and other vital information onto extruded plastics. While wider diameters will allow for a greater print area, Domino’s high-resolution printers can print small, legible, characters onto narrow pipes too. Our printers are built for reliable operation in tough production environments and are designed to minimise servicing needs at the same time as reducing solvent use. This results in high uptime and a low cost of ownership. Our printers are also simple to set up and use, and printheads can be located at convenient points of production, without getting in the way of the production process. The electronics enclosure is IP66 rated meaning the printers can be washed down on-line. The inks used with our Ax-Series printers are fast drying inks specially suitable for substrates such as PVC and PE. They come in a range of different colours to give high-contrast codes with good adhesion and can withstand high operating temperatures.

Domino's laser coders print sharp, indelible codes onto plastic pipes and profiles to support high-speed extrusion lines. They integrate well into tight manufacturing lines using flexible mounting positions or custom installation designs.


Printing on Cables

Domino coding solutions provide crisp, clear, and accurate codes at high speeds for a range of different types of cables. With reliability built-in as standard, our solutions provide high-quality coding and help to ensure adherence to regulatory compliance in the cable and wire industry. Whether you are coding onto power cables, communication cables, or special cables, Domino can provide a solution for your cable coding needs.

A choice of continuous inkjet printers from the Ax-Series or high-speed laser coding with an F230i fiber Laser solution helps to ensure an optimal code on cables. The Ax-Series offers flexible printing, higher throughput, and quicker changeovers than traditional coding methods and is developed to interface with leading cable processing equipment. A range of coding format options, up to 32 Dot Matrix, provide legible coding on small and large cables. The F230i laser produces a permanent code that lasts for the full life of the cable.


Printing on Cement and Aggregate Bags

The high throughput and harsh conditions of cement and aggregates bagging lines present a challenging manufacturing environment. Any printer used to mark bags with product or traceability data, logos and batch codes must be able to cope with the dust and high line speed. It should also be able to print high quality codes on uneven surfaces with relatively larger throw distances. Anything else will mean expensive delays in production, potential missed orders and increased cost of waste.

Extreme conditions aren't a problem for Macrojet printers made by Domino. Macrojet delivers high quality large character codes on different types of bags made of porous or non-porous materials. They are robust printers and perform reliably even in dusty environments with minimal maintenance. Based on the proven Valve Jet technology, they can be easily integrated into a cement and aggregate bagging line due to its compact design and flexible mounting. They don't need factory air and are used with a range of Domino inks to suit varied applications. They are the ideal solution if you are looking for a reliable, large character printer fit for harsh conditions and larger throw distances.

If you are looking for small character printers, Domino's range of Ax-Series printers are for your bagging line. The electronics enclosure is IP66 rated meaning it can withstand tough production conditions which maintains uptime. The printer connects with your ERP and MES systems to give you reduced-error coding.

For bagging and flexible packaging applications, Domino Thermal transfer overprinters have been used to print a variety of codes, such as brand names, logos, QR or Datamatrix codes, as well as batch and traceability information. Our V-Series range of TTO coders provides long ribbon lengths and high speeds to ensure cement and aggregate production and logistics is optimised and trackable.

For a complete coding solution across your processing and packaging line, Domino's range of print and apply labellers provides you with an efficient pallet labelling solution.


Printing on building glass

Glass can be a tricky substrate for ink, especially with the wet processes involved in manufacturing. But an etched mark is permanent and unaffected by processes such as toughening. So for toughened glass marking, a printer from our D-Series range of laser markers is a popular choice among manufacturers. Once installed and set-up, our laser printers are capable of working at high speed, on varied shapes and sizes of glass, and can accommodate a wide range of characters and print orientations to ensure that logos, production data and QC codes meet market expectations. Industry standards, such as BSI kitemarks or other regional and international quality codes are examples of types of printing currently being undertaken.

Domino laser specialists have vast experience in integrating our systems to fully automated, horizontal or vertical arrissing processes. The IP65 version design adds greater protection for harsh environment installations. Domino's project engineers also design custom, specialist equipment to suit the varying demands and sizes of glass manufacturers. For example, a special mobile glass coding table system has proved popular as direct replacement for using ‘stickers’ or the ‘sand blasting’ method prior to the toughening process. It is height adjustable and can be placed at the side of existing float or roller breakout tables. Should you have special requirements, it is worth making an enquiry to see what may be engineered.

Similarly, software plays an important role in glass production. Domino offers specialist software that facilitates traceability during and post glass production. The software dynamically interfaces between your order entry / optimisation software and the Domino D-Series laser.


Printing on Metal Components

When you’re manufacturing metal components, you need a product coding solution that combines accuracy and reliability with the toughness required for a mark that lasts. Domino’s laser and inkjet printers can be used to create consistent, durable text, graphics, and 2D Data Matrix codes on tough materials, even on fast production lines.

Domino’s scribing and fibre Laser printing solutions feature precision print heads that can be adjusted to match specific materials. Energy- and consumable-efficient, they also offer high performance without compromising on value.

Our continuous inkjet printers use unique i-Pulse inks available in a variety of colours. Our i-Pulse inks are robust enough to withstand harsh post-print processing. Alternatively, we also offer you the flexibility to produce temporary codes with our water washable inks. Our inkjet printers also offer a compact overall footprint and modular design for easy stack-ability. This saves you space and time in the initial installation, whilst still enabling your product coding system to grow alongside your business.

If you’re looking for a complete product marking solution to cover you from component to pallet, you might also like to think about combining a continuous inkjet printer with our state-of-the-art label Printing and case coding technologies.

Our easy-to-use, flexible, and scalable software and service products are easy to integrate with all coding and labelling technologies. From a fully-featured, free-of-charge label editor to a range of powerful automation modules.


Ideal solutions for the industrial sector

Ax550i Continuous Inkjet Printer


Speed, accuracy, and the ability to perform in tough and varied environments give the latest Domino Ax-Series continuous inkjet printers unique technological advantages.

Domino Gx350i Thermal Inkjet Printer


Designed for use on challenging substrates, our intelligent, high-resolution modular Gx-Series thermal inkjet printers are simple to install, maintain, and use on your production line

F230i Fibre Laser


For permanent, precise laser marking of crisp, clear codes onto a wide range of materials, one of Domino Printing’s potential solutions is the F-⁠⁠Series fiber laser system

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