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From high-end cosmetics to every-day personal care products a company produces, Domino's printing and traceability solutions cover a wide variety of substrates.

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What do you print on?

Printing on Bath and Shower Products

Whether it’s a shower gel, bath foam, or luxury soap it’s now common practice to code production and batch data onto primary and secondary packaging. A printing solution from Domino makes it easy to help you manage exactly where you print and how much detail to add. Codes can be highly visible or discrete, applied to bottle caps, or under the base, on labels, or directly onto packaging. Our Ax-Series continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) offer great flexibility for printing on a wide range of surfaces. Codes are legible and hard wearing, even after use in the customer’s shower. 


Printing on Flexible Packaging

Some of the products in sachets and packets – such as hair dyes and alcohol-based hand wipes – involve chemicals that can be challenging for inks. So it’s important to use a printing solution that delivers a code that is hard-wearing and stable in the presence of other chemicals. That’s no problem for Domino.

Whether printing by thermal transfer or continuous inkjet, our options deliver high-quality codes time after time. Our printers have been designed to work at high speeds, in tough production environments, and feature several waste reduction/ink optimisation features that help ensure a low cost of ownership.

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Printing on Glass

Using a D620i laser printer from Domino, it’s possible to etch production codes directly onto glass bottles and jars, or onto the metal or hard plastic caps used to seal them. It’s a beautiful solution for a fragile item, affording multiple options for printing information in addition to production data, such as logos, symbols and foreign language characters. Our CO2 laser printers cope easily with demanding production environments, and their output is unaffected by the solvents and surfactants used in perfumes and cosmetics. Easy to set up and operate, a variety of messages can be stored for quick changeovers in production, and the printers require minimum maintenance for constant uptime. With limited use of consumables such as ink, the cost of use is surprisingly low, and it’s easy to site the printer heads for maximum productivity and minimal impact on the production line.


Printing on Metal Cans

Our Ax-Series printers can code crisp, clear text onto metal packaging of every kind. Codes can be bold or discrete as preferred. Whether the code is needed on the underside of a can, or around the side, our systems integrate seamlessly with your production lines to ensure that the text is located precisely where it’s needed. What’s more, our printers can be pre-set with a range of options to make it easy to change codes as the production schedule changes. 


Printing on Plastic Containers

The codes printed on your products represent your brand as much as the packaging itself. Domino can help you put production codes and traceability data precisely and perfectly - wherever you want them - on every shape and size of bottle. Our Ax-Series of continuous inkjet printers (CIJ) allow you to mark direct to bottles, bottle caps, plastic sleeves and labels – with whatever codes/data you decide.

Our inks are quick drying and permanent, so they won't degrade over time or in use at customers' homes. And they're also low cost to apply, making our printing solutions an inexpensive, as well as a high quality, choice. 


Printing on Rigid Plastic

Production codes and best before dates (where needed) can be seamlessly added to plastic packaging during production. With an Ax-Series continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) from Domino, there’s a wide choice of inks available to add crisp, clean codes onto rigid plastic surfaced, whether flat or curved.

The Ax-Series is a low-cost, but high-quality option, benefiting from reduced solvent usage and minimal waste. Multiple codes and layouts can be pre-stored making it easy to switch as the production schedule changes. Our inks are aroma-free and dry quickly for ease of handling while our printers are reliable, and robust, and give continuous service with minimal need for servicing – so they’re ready to work when you need them. Simple to set up and use, they can be positioned anywhere on the line for maximum efficiency.


Ideal solutions for the personal care sector



Speed, accuracy, and the ability to perform in tough and varied environments give the latest Domino Ax-Series continuous inkjet printers unique technological advantages.

Domino D320i D-Series CO2 Industrial Laser Marker


Small yet powerful and versatile, Domino Printing’s D-Series i-Tech range of CO2 laser marking machines deliver flexible, high speed, high-quality coding across a wide variety of materials, with the ability to produce multiple lines of text.

Domino Gx350i Product


Designed for use on challenging substrates, our intelligent, high-resolution modular Gx-Series thermal inkjet printers are simple to install, maintain, and use on your production line.

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