The Ax-Series: A Revolution in CIJ Printing That Will Future-Proof Your Business

  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • November 01, 2016
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We asked, you spoke. When you use continuous ink jet printing to code your products, one thing matters above all else: consistently high quality. Our brand new range of CIJ printers will future-proof your coding operations with production that’s fast, flexible and flawless - time after time. Here’s how.

Designing the future

It’s the biggest buzz-term out there. But innovation - real innovation - rarely happens when you stand still. That’s why we have moved to reinvent continuous inkjet printing to give our customers a vastly improved, exceptionally reliable coding experience.

How did we do it?

The process started with talking to our customers: businesses that use CIJ day in, day out. We wanted to really delve into their needs, their challenges, their desires. Armed with that knowledge our team of research scientists, engineers and designers completely deconstructed the process of CIJ printing and started again from scratch.

In doing so we discovered things about coding that are completely new to the industry. 

Seeing is believing...

Here’s a 90-second video that explains how we threw out the rulebook and created a revolutionary continuous inkjet range.


Welcome to the most advanced CIJ printers in the world

The result of careful research and canny design is a peerless series of continuous ink jet printers. Every code they produce is of the highest possible quality - and the technology works with a variety of substrates. IP66-rated electronics enclosures make our printers safe for even the messiest, dustiest production environments. And a redesigned interface - built with simplicity in mind - makes programming your coding runs as easy as you would expect from a forward-thinking product.

Domino's Ax150i continuous inkjet printer Domino's Ax350i continuous inkjet printer Domino's Ax550i continuous inkjet printer

Get ready for CIJ printing that’s more reliable, more accurate and more cost-effective.

Join the coding revolution at

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