Clean drinking water for Zambian community - compliments of Domino

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  • April 26, 2017
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Charity is stitched into the Domino fabric. But don’t just take our word for it. Our recent donation to CannedWater4Kids paid for a new pump to provide clean drinking water for a community in Zambia. And it all started with a chance encounter in Florida...


Drip, drip, drip...

Thirsty? As you read this, you are most likely no more than a few seconds away from a tap that dispenses clean drinking water on demand. It’s a luxury that we tend to take for granted. But a luxury it most certainly is.

The World Health Organization states that a child dies every eight seconds from drinking dirty water. It’s a shocking statistic. And one that USA charity CannedWater4Kids is determined to address.


CannedWater4Kids: why should you care?

CannedWater4Kids is a charity committed to delivering clean, safe and sustainable drinking water projects to communities around the world. Their work is essential. It’s imperative that children have access to clean water to grow healthily and develop strong communities.

CW4K funds its initiatives with donations as well as sales of their drinking water, which is sold in infinitely recyclable aluminium cans and bottles. 95% of all money collected by CW4K goes to deliver sustainable clean drinking water programs.

Over the years CW4K has helped the Red Cross and others in providing disaster relief to Japan, Haiti and New Jersey. They have also part-funded water purification programs in the highlands of Guatemala and supported water filtration projects in Zambia and Tanzania.

So how did Domino get involved?


A chance encounter...

You never know the opportunities that may arise from a new contact. Back in 2016 Domino attended the Can Manufacturers Institute’s Annual Meeting in Florida. As you can imagine it was bristling with senior managers from businesses connected with the canning industry.

One of those senior managers was Greg Stromberg, a divisional sales director at INX International Ink Co. - and, it just so happens, President of CW4K. Here at Domino we take charity extremely seriously. Upon meeting Greg, it didn’t take long for Domino’s sector development manager David Deagle to hatch a plan.

“As soon as I met Greg and heard his story about how he uses his knowledge and resources within the metal can packaging industry, I knew that Domino would be interested in helping CW4K get clean water to those in need around the world.” David Deagle, Sector Development Manager, Domino North America

Supporting a Zambian community, one can at a time

After the initial discussions, Domino chose to expose CW4K at the Pack Expo Chicago show in November 2016. For every can of water the charity provided for the show, coded by our innovative laser technology, Domino would make a donation to the charity.

That resulted in Domino writing CW4K a cheque for $1,000. This paid for repairs to a broken water pump and restored clean, healthy drinking water to a community in Zambia. It was a pleasure to offer our support and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with CW4K.

It’s true what they say. You never know where a new conversation might lead.

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