Printing on Implantable Pacemakers

Our fibre laser printers offer high-quality, precision marking solutions that keep pace with production demands and help you meet legislative requirements

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Precision is essential at all stages of medical device production, from product design through to packaging and labelling. Our fibre lasers ensure accurate text, graphics and 2D Data Matrix codes can be marked on very small devices. They can also be adjusted for better contrast on soft or hard materials – making them ideal for engraving, colour change coding or annealing metal casings. Our fibre lasers offer robust, economic and flexible performance over their long service life. 

There’s no need for planned maintenance or cooling – maximising uptime, even at high production rates. They use less energy than other coding systems and are not reliant on consumables – making them a cost-effective and efficient solution. Their compact footprint and flexible i-Tech scan head also make them easy to install in areas where space is at a premium. By combining our fibre Laser and label printing technology, Domino can provide a complete solution that maximises production and helps to ensure compliance – from product marking to pallet labelling.

Our easy to use, flexible, and scalable software and service products are easy to integrate with existing coding and labelling technologies. From a fully featured, free-of-charge label editor to a range of powerful automation modules. 


Helping you to ensure compliance, and stay in control of your package messaging from product to pallet, right from the factory floor. Fully scalable to suit your production line, you can manage data simply with a touch screen PC interface and create accurate labels from our built-in product table. 

QuickDesign Lite

Free to download, easy to use software means you can get going in minutes. From complex labels, including ingredients and allergen information, to large batches of date messages, start creating simple coding at the touch of a button.

QuickDesign Modules

Whether it’s plug and play integration and automated interfacing, or order management from the factory floor, our fully scalable automation models come with a range of features developed for the real-world challenges you face. From single coders to site-wide solutions.