Face Mask Protective Equipment Coding Solution

Printing on face masks

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Domino offer expert inkjet coding solutions to medical device manufacturers of face masks, helping to quickly and conveniently implement compliant, automated coding on all types of medical device packaging.

Primary single product code deployment
In terms of N95/KN95 face masks, manufacturers are usually required to print information, including the model number, GB National Standard number, a brief description of its use and the manufacturer’s logo design, as well as other traceability information onto each mask. Domino’s thermal Inkjet printer can meet the requirements of diverse types of face mask coding applications:

  • Extremely simple integration of a modular design control board and print-heads to customer production lines
  • High resolution inkjet printing of up to 600dpi for clear and distinct printing of items such as logos
  • A GAMP Certification Guide provided so medical device customers canrest assured of compliance
  • Wide selection of inks which provide high-contrast results and ensure operator safety

Primary and secondary packaging code deployment
Face mask packaging boxes and bags require marking with production date, production batch number, date of expiry and a tracking 2-D barcode containing relevant batch details. Domino’s Ax-Series small character inkjet printers provide a highly efficient and stable code assignment service to face mask production:

  • Fast printing of neat and distinct codes
  • Maintenance-free, for reduced machine downtime and increased production line capacity
  • Versatile communication for high speed serialisation and variable 2-D barcodes
  • Highly durable equipment, making it adaptable to even the harshest of production environments
  • GMP-compliant inks help customers meet relevant medical device certification needs
  • Domino smart, cloud-enabled platforms are available, helping to optimise production line efficiency

Tertiary packaging: outer case labelling
Domino outer case label printers have a unique dual-pad design that ensures accurate label placement and high-quality readable prints from start to finish. The robust design can respond to all types of long-term, precision printing operations:

  • Optional touchpanel colour user interface allows monitoring at a glance
  • Intuitive software interface ensures easy operation
  • Increased print-head life, lower material wastage, fast consumable print-head changes
  • 600 metre ribbon and label roll capacity and increased operating speed
  • Unique dual-pad design ensures accuary and the ability to handle various label sizes
  • Our cooperation with leading software companies means simple integration for through-process serialisation

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