Printing on Cartons and Bundles

High-performance package coding and labelling for effective product marking on high-speed production lines

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Within the tobacco industry, traceability is now essential at all packaging levels – enabling you to comply with relevant legislation such as the EU TPD and WHO FCTC, protecting the reputation of your product, and combating illicit trade. Domino have worked with the tobacco industry to produce a range of coding solutions that can be integrated throughout your production line. All of our printers are designed to balance flexibility with performance by producing pin-sharp text, graphics and 2D codes such as DotCode or Data Matrix codes on a variety of commonly used packaging materials.

Domino M-Series printers are highly configurable print and apply labelling solutions that can be integrated into your existing production line for bundle and master case applications. The M-Series has a long-standing proven reputation, installed on hundreds of the fastest tobacco production lines globally.

By combining high-performance print heads with a range of unique, industry-recognised, fast-drying inks that are specially designed for different substances, our continuous and thermal Inkjet printing solutions offer balanced adaptability for your carton printing applications and production environment.

All of our coding solutions are designed to maximise flexibility – allowing them to integrate with your existing production lines. The modular, scalable design of our inkjet printers allows them to grow along with the needs of your business, while our laser coders are designed to be as compact and adjustable as possible. Domino also recognises the importance of retaining control of your safety, maintenance, and repair processes.

Application parts

Domino offers total solutions for pack to case coding, with easy-to-use, highly reliable coders and bespoke application parts, to ensure seamless integration and ongoing efficiency. Our bespoke parts are designed for a range of packer types – ensuring a smooth, high-quality tobacco installation and a more efficient line.

The parts are intended for applications such as:

  • Single or twin coding installations
  • Pack stabilisation in drum pockets
  • Support stands and brackets
  • Drying belt shrouds and guards Interface boxes
  • Encoder bracket

Vision control system

To automatically check codes on line, Domino has developed a range of vision control systems in close cooperation with leading camera suppliers.

  • Highly intuitive, easy to set-up and use
  • Can control reject systems
  • Range of lighting and bracketry to suit specific production lines