Domino's new A520i ink jet printer set to make a strong debut at interpack '14

  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • May 09, 2014
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Domino is using interpack 2014 (Hall 11/Stand D55) as a launching pad for the new A520i continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer. Also making their debut at the show are the latest additions to the CIJ range, namely the A-Series XS high speed print head, and a black anti-counterfeiting ink, the 2BK031. All three enhancements can be employed in a wide variety of sectors, but are especially relevant to the food and beverage industries.

A520i CIJ Printer

The A520i represents the next iteration in Domino’s successful A-series. Building on the heritage of the i-Tech range, this highly resilient printer is designed for challenging production environments and comes wrapped in an IP55 marine grade stainless steel cabinet, with IP66 sealed electronics enclosure. The A520i is also the first CIJ printer to incorporate the innovative plenum airflow cooling system, which ensures the printer stays cool whatever the production environment.

The TouchPanel user interface (UI) is a separate component, which can be mounted either directly onto the cabinet or remotely to suit production line requirements and layout. The A520i can also be controlled via any Windows ® interface already on the production line.

James Shippen, Product Marketing Manager for CIJ at Domino, comments on the A520i’s assets he believes will appeal the most to businesses: “The two new key qualities that set this printer aside from the competition are its flexible design and consistent performance. The ability to integrate the user interface anywhere along the production line is a considerable advantage that will prove beneficial in more complex work environments. The robust cabinet and the presence of a plenum airflow cooling system ensures optimum functionality no matter how challenging the surroundings, whether they are hot, cold, wet or dry.”

Also worth highlighting are the A520i’s eco-friendly features. The i-Tech ink system will help businesses drive down their solvent footprint, as it delivers the lowest measured consumption makeup on the market and extremely low overall cost of ownership. Additionally, the machine requires no service and minimal operator intervention thanks to the presence of CleanFill cartridges that can be changed while the printer is running, and the i-Tech Module containing the working ink and ink filters can be easily replaced in less than ten minutes. This is all the maintenance the printer requires and it’s an annual task that can be performed by anyone.

XS high speed print head

Domino’s latest CIJ print head is the XS, an option for high speed applications that prints top quality code, with clear and easy to read characters. Building on the company’s engineering expertise in the ink jet industry and developed following extensive research, the XS uses a patented droplet handling system to deliver a wide range of print formats with great print quality and predictable performance.

This new print head is able to match pace or exceed the speed of the fastest production lines and thanks to its nimble precision, businesses are now able to print codes onto approximately 1400 cans or bottles a minute, without sacrificing accuracy and legibility in the process.

2BK031s anti-counterfeiting ink

Domino has also introduced a new security marking ink to its range of anti-counterfeiting solutions, the 2BK031, which is compatible with the A-Series i-Tech printers.

A fast-drying, scratch resistant ink that greatly reduces all counterfeiting risks, the 2BK031 proves to be effective against parallel trading, with no chance of the code being scrubbed off the packaging’s surface and replaced by new text.

“By exhibiting these new products at an exhibition such as Interpack, we have the ideal opportunity to illustrate to the global packaging market the extensive features and benefits of our CIJ range,” concludes James. “We look forward to welcoming members of the industry to our stand and are confident our systems will answer their demands.”

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