Domino Invests in New Facilities and Development in India

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  • January 06, 2015
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Domino has opened a state-of-the-art factory in Manesar, India, dedicated to the manufacture of inks and printers for coding and marking, and located in a leading business hub in the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor. Replacing Domino’s existing two facilities 25km apart, the new 4,050 sq. ft factory has been built to strict green building design specifications and will also house an integrated warehouse and billing centre.

The team behind the new location will consist of 35 employees, with three new roles being created (Fluids Plant Manager, Printer Plant Manager and Logistics Manager), underlining Domino’s commitment to grow its workforce in a region with fast-growing business opportunities.

Taking three years to construct, the factory was officially opened by Nigel Bond, Domino’s Group Managing Director. Observing local customs, a coconut was cracked at the opening ceremony to symbolise the Indian custom of bringing health and success.

This new investment in the Indian market is a result of Domino’s continued strength and success in the region, being the market leader since its entry in 1996. By housing separate divisions in one location Domino customers and employees will benefit from a more efficient and simplified business process.

“I’m delighted to officially open our new India facility, which demonstrates Domino’s commitment to maintaining our market leader position,” says Bond. “The facility will have improved technologies and processes that will allow for a seamless approach, from manufacturing through to the final logistical stages.”

He concludes: “Environmental performance is a crucial part of Domino’s evolution, and by designing an environmentally sound factory, we can continue that process. As a result, our energy consumption will reduce dramatically, while our employees benefit from increased natural light and a cleaner environment.”

The facility is currently awaiting accreditation from the Indian Green Building Council. To find out more, visit

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