Domino supports customers with ink compliance issues as member of EuPIA

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  • May 28, 2015
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This year marks Domino’s seventh anniversary as an active member of the European Printing Inks Association (EuPIA). Founded in 2003, the group represents the interests of manufacturers of printing inks and related products across the continent. The membership puts Domino in a position to influence European regulations and advise its customers on compliance issues.

A well-established member of the British Coatings Federation (BCF), Domino became an active member of EuPIA in 2008 after making a number of alterations to the raw materials used in its products. The alterations were made in order to comply with impending changes in regulations, as well as to reduce costs and better guide Domino’s digital business.

Andrew Clifton, Technical Director for Inks and Fluids at Domino, represents the company at the European Printing Inks Technical Committee. He comments: “With regulations on the use of chemicals increasing across the globe, more materials are being placed under heavier scrutiny. EuPIA maintains an exclusion list that is updated periodically, which means that compliance is a key priority to a company that produces its own inks, such as Domino.”

The exclusion list prohibits the use of substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction. By adhering to the list, Domino has kept its product designs and production facilities “clean”.

Commenting on the benefits of the membership, Andrew says: “Belonging to EuPIA certainly allows Domino to position itself more proactively in the inks sector, considering how the digital sector has generally been slow to react to regulations. Furthermore, the ability to influence forthcoming decisions within the association also grants us a leadership status in the industry, which is appealing to our customer base.”

He concludes: “Being an active member of EuPIA is badge of honour for an inks manufacturer in our business sectors and it is one that Domino wears with pride.”

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