Domino launches FE-Fume Extraction unit for laser range

  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • April 05, 2016
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Domino Printing Sciences has introduced the new FE-Fume Extraction, an environmentally friendly system designed specifically for the company’s laser markers. The main function of the FE is to securely remove fumes and particles during the laser scribing process to maintain a safe and clean working environment, while also preserving high code quality.

Halyna Ivaskiv, Product Marketing Manager for Lasers at Domino Printing Sciences, explains how the new model differs from previous extractors: “The key improvement of our latest extraction system is the filtration technology, independently tested and approved by ILK (Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration, Dresden). The presence of two-stage pre-filters allows small particles to be sifted better, prolonging the service life of the main filter due to lower particle load. This means the FE-Fume Extraction achieves superior gas filtration and guarantees a healthier production environment.”

Ease of use is a strong benefit with the FE-Fume Extraction. A single unit is capable of supporting two operating Domino lasers, while multiple hose inlets located on the back, left or right sides of the cabinet enable flexible installation. The FE features a comprehensive display that allows intuitive operation, as well as a warning signal that alerts operators when the filters need changing. The system can remotely be switched off via the laser controller when an alarm or warning signal occurs.

An IP rating of 55 means the system is suited for use in harsh production environments. The housing of the extraction unit is tightly sealed against the filter stack, making clean filter exchanges easy to perform.

Finally, thanks to the incinerable properties of the materials, the MDF (medium-density fibreboard) of both the main filter and pre-filter is easy to dispose. This allows customers to cut down on waste recycling costs, highlighting the green credentials of Domino’s latest extractor.

“The FE-Fume Extraction will no doubt help address customers’ laser coding and marking demands, while ensuring their employees can operate in a safe work environment,” concludes Halyna. “With this latest addition to our systems, we have effectively improved further the capacities of Domino’s laser systems.”  

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