Domino launches new BK117 black ink for G-Series

  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • September 20, 2016
  • Beverage
  • Beauty & Grooming
  • Food
  • Industrial
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Domino Printing Sciences has launched a new black Ethanol-based ink for use with its G-Series range of thermal ink jet (TIJ) printers. The new BK117 black ink comprises a host of benefits suited specifically to coding and marking applications within the confectionery and food markets, with exceptional adhesion properties and delivering the highest quality print for greater contrast and readability. The BK117 also presents a lower cost of ownership for users by presenting a number of cost saving features.

The formulation of Domino’s BK117 ink provides excellent adhesion qualities that are highly resistant to abrasion and deterioration after application to a range of substrates such as Polyethylene, POPP, Cast PP and Polyester/PET, which are used extensively by confectionery and food manufacturers. This eliminates the problem of print deterioration commonly found with many wax-based inks. In addition, the ink delivers the highest quality print that provides a high visual contrast for easy readability, even at a lower dpi output.

Developed by Domino’s in-house team of chemists, and tried and tested in the most challenging of environments, the BK117 black ink has been formulated to ensure exceptional product coding while optimising the performance and longevity of the G-Series TIJ printer.  The ink comes in a unique and convenient changeable print cartridge that is clean, efficient, reliable and service free. In addition, the ink also conforms to Domino’s stringent Fluids Policy which reflects recognised industry guidelines, such as the EuPIA Guideline for Food Packaging Inks.

Comments Phillip Parkins, Product Manager - TIJ at Domino, "Choosing the right ink for your application is essential, as the choice of ink affects not only the quality of printed output, but also the performance of the printer. The combination of the versatility of the G-Series printer with the superior adhesion and print qualities of the BK117 ink, provides confectionery and food manufacturers with a high quality, extremely durable ink that eliminates many of the negatives surrounding wax-based alternatives, such as deterioration in handling and poor readability.”

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