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  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • October 12, 2016
  • Industrial
  • Cable & Wire
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Domino Printing Sciences will present its expertise in high speed optical fibre cable ring marking at the second CRU World Optical Fibre and Cable Conference, which will take place in Wuhan, China from 2nd to the 4th November 2016.

Frank Dubbins, Head of Domino’s Industrial Sectors Division will address conference delegates on how the introduction of high speed inkjet ring marking solutions can accelerate output while reducing costs within optical fibre cable production. Speaking at the conference on Friday 4th November, Mr Dubbins will outline how print-related bottlenecks that slow production output can be addressed by the easy integration of high speed continuous inkjet printers that allow for the printing of clearly identifiable optical fibre markings with minimum effort.


Title:               Reduction of production costs by high speed ring marking on optical fibres

Who:              Frank Dubbins, Head of Domino’s Industrial Sectors Division, in Wiedenbach, GmbH

When:            Friday 4th November 2016 at 12.10 CST (China Standard Time)

Where:           The 2nd CRU World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference 2016, Wuhan, China


Combining Domino’s long term heritage and knowledge of Continuous Inkjet technology and its commitment to the research and development of specialist industrial applications, the company provides advanced coding and marking solutions for a wide range of sectors, including cable & wire, electronics, automotive, building & construction.


Says Frank Dubbins, “Optical fibres are today the backbone of the information age, and with so much data being carried by so many millions of cables, it’s absolutely essential that they are all clearly identifiable.  It’s therefore crucial to utilise suitable marking solutions that not only deliver high quality, clear coding but also maintains high speed and efficient production output.”


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