Domino N610i - the first inkjet press to print onto shrink sleeves

  • By Domino Printing Sciences
  • September 27, 2017
  • Digital Printing
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At Labelexpo 2017, Domino Digital printing solutions was excited to announce that it has had positive results successfully printing on a number of industry standard shrink sleeve materials, using its newly launched UV90 six colour UV-curable ink set in the N610i inkjet label press. These inks have excellent physical properties for printing on self-adhesive labels, but shrink sleeve capability has long been a disadvantage for inkjet when compared to toner solutions. However, with this latest technology breakthrough, this is now no longer the case. 

For shrink sleeve applications, Domino proposes that the N610i is supplied in a hybrid configuration using a flexo station after the N610i Integration module10i Integration Module to print a cost-effective white back layer to the shrink label. This combination provides the full benefits of digital printing with instantaneous job change, minimal substrate waste and variable data printing capability, but more cost effectively, by using flexo printing for the high ink usage, non-digital elements. Domino is working in conjunction with a number of industry partners, including the press supplier MPS and AB Graphics International.


Philip Easton, Director of Domino Digital printing solutions commented, "We are in the process of understanding the cost of ownership model for shrink sleeve printing. Industry feedback suggests that many of the toner applications are used for prototype production and early product life requirements. This is mostly driven by high unit cost and slow running speeds. The Domino N610i high speed inkjet solution, running 70m/min combined with a lower cost flexo printed white for the backing, offers a different proposition and will be a disruptive technology. After extensive testing of this capability with a shrink sleeve printer, one of our OEM partners has confirmed its first sale of a Domino hybrid line configuration designed to print both self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves.” 

Philip Easton further comments, "We are really delighted with the performance of our UV90 ink set. The development team in Domino has surpassed all our expectations with this ink, it is so positive to offer something very new for the market. Many of our customers have been asking for broader print capability. UV90 has improved adhesion and light-fastness and now with shrink-sleeve printing, we feel confident the already rapid adoption of inkjet technology will accelerate further."

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