How Domino’s Pharma Laser gets you ready for item-level serialisation

  • By Trevor Nichols
  • August 26, 2016
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The World Health Organisation has estimated that approximately 15% of the world’s pharmaceuticals are not legitimate medicine. The new coding measures aim to fight black market medicine and the clear risks it presents. Now, all medicine cartons must contain a unique data matrix code (which must remain legible) and all products’ supply chain should be able to be easily traced back down to the source of manufacture. That presents a significant challenge - especially when the speed of packaging and coding is crucial to bottom line.


High quality, compliant coding at speed? Step forward Domino’s Pharma Laser.

Our Pharma Laser has been developed as a bespoke coding machine for the exacting legislative requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. With the Pharma Laser, even low-cost carton board is able to be marked with industry compliant results, lending the manufacturer a huge advantage over competitors. The Pharma Laser was made for catering to different customers, different production lines and different substrates.

Efficiency? Domino knows nothing else. Being built with the high-stress demands of the fast turnover of the medicine industry in mind, the Pharma Laser’s special properties means it can run coding at higher speeds without compromising quality. As such, line speed enhancement of over 20% means significant cost savings in production. If you’re running several products at fast turnaround you’re going to want a system that works to your tight timescale, but with the peace of mind that you’re adhering to legislature at every level of coding.


Different countries, different rules...

Of course, different countries abide by different code formats. The Pharma Laser is equipped to meet those varying requirements. Unique item identification across a diverse range of formats is easy to arrange and swift to implement. For machine readable and human readable codes required for legislation, the Pharma Laser achieves a ‘Grade A’ when verified against ISO 15415.


Don’t just take our word for it...

Even the Pharmaceutical industry has never faced such a tough legislative challenge. Packaging with item-level serialisation is a serious test for any manufacturer seeking to stay legally compliant but commercially and operationally successful at the same time.. It’s a coding conundrum to which Domino has the capability and expertise to guide. Read more on the unique benefits of our Pharma Laser and its effect on carton coding here or get in touch to find out how Pharma Laser could benefit your business. 

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