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  • By Domino Printech
  • June 16, 2020
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Industry 4.0 is having a transformative impact on the future of our factories and the products we choose to install in them. Manufacturers are opting for connected systems, automated operations, and remotely monitored performance metrics that can be analysed from anywhere.

Welcome to the future of thermal Inkjet printing with Domino's brand new Gx-Series. This range of Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) coding and marking systems addresses the need for versatility, ease of integration and ease of use for manufacturers in Food, Pharmaceutical and Electronics sectors.

The Domino Gx-Series printers have a feature-rich touchscreen interface which can be accessed directly at the controller or via a web browser. Printer performance, cartridge status and ink levels can also be monitored remotely or on the printer. As a new feature of the Gx-Series, LEDs are now incorporated on the print heads and indicate when cartridges need changing.

The Gx-Series also addresses the demand for track & trace and item level serialisation using the Dynamark protocol, audit trail with comprehensive user administration and optional validation documentation.

With a variety of printing applications and substrates in mind, the Gx-Series has been developed with the collaboration of leading OEMs to determine and address their pain points. The range offers high-quality coding, not only for simple batch and date coding, but also for complex code formats as well as track and trace applications.

While manufacturers continue to select Domino’s TIJ coding and marking solutions for speed, clarity, flexibility and ease of installation, they’re also looking to the future. And that future is beyond the printer.

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The new Domino Gx-Series builds on the key strengths of our G-Series range but offers greatly-improved user experience and interfacing, full multi-language support, and technology which enables seamless integration with a range of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Let’s explore some of these solutions.

Automation and networking

Customers who purchase the Domino Gx-Series will have access to Domino Designer, a straightforward and intuitive PC-based label design tool, which is easily accessible and editable by factory operatives in a controlled and error-free environment.

Users can design labels outside the factory floor and send them directly to the printer over Ethernet or via USB. This removes the need for operators to manually enter in the codes on multiple machines throughout a production line, and therefore reduces the risk of errors.

The Domino Gx-Series, along with Domino Designer, offers a future-ready solution which helps users easily create labels, transfer them to the printer quickly, and improve accuracy and control in production.

Remote monitoring and control

The Domino Gx-Series printers are generally service and maintenance-free. This is because there are no serviceable parts, the ink system is changed when operatives replace a cartridge, and the printers themselves are very simple to operate, run and maintain.

However, if the unlikely were to happen, Domino Cloud provides comprehensive protection for your Gx-Series to identify any equipment problems early and get ahead of downtime events. Domino Cloud helps you maintain your printer as well as helping you avoid or resolve any issues by using remote diagnostics, event alerts and remote monitoring.

Your Domino Gx-Series TIJ printer will send data directly to the Domino Cloud where it can be accessed internally by manufacturing operatives or analysed by the Domino team. As part of our SafeGuard package, we are on hand to monitor your printer’s ‘health’, and we can remotely discuss a simple fix with you or alternatively send out an engineer with the parts, if necessary.

Easy integration

When time is precious, it’s necessary to streamline as many processes as possible. And that includes the installation of a new printer.

Our new generation of thermal Inkjet printers is ready to be integrated into smart factory applications with a small footprint, remote print head mounting where only the print head itself needs to be installed on production lines, and industry standard protocols where printers can be retrofitted easily.

The small space requirements remove any difficulty when it comes to fitting the Gx-Series, and the range benefits from flexible print head mounting positions. The Gx-OEM controller model is specifically optimised for control cabinet integration and has an 80% volume reduction compared to the G-Series OEM controller. 


In fast-paced sectors like Food, Pharmaceutical, and Electronics, downtime can mean a considerable loss of revenue. Domino has built on the key strengths of the previous G-Series TIJ, addressing the needs of OEMs and end customers alike for a future-ready solution with a seamless, more versatile user experience and integration procedure.

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