5 reasons the N610i is a high-performance label press

  • By Chris Thorpe
  • October 05, 2021
  • Digital Printing
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Offering speed, flexibility and high quality, the Domino N610i 7-colour digital inkjet label press is playing a key role in changing the way the labels are produced globally. Here are five ways in which the N610i excels.

What is the N610i?

Domino has been pioneering innovative inkjet technologies since 1978. Our latest and most advanced product is the N610i: a high-performance 7-colour digital inkjet label press which is bristling with advanced features. That includes the i-Tech ActiFlow system that automatically recirculates ink in the print head to remove air bubbles. Then there’s the trapless bar that allows customers to use heavy-pigmented inks without the risk of inks becoming trapped within the print bar. The N610i press also features the i-Tech UltraMix ink system, which continually maintains ink suspension for enhanced reliability.

Here are five ways the N610i can enhance the speed, consistency and quality of your label printing.

1. Eye-catching print quality

Today’s consumers have more choice than ever before. Standing out on the supermarket shelf is incredibly important for brands in order to gain an advantage on their competitors.

The N610i promises vivid print quality. You can print more than 90% of the pantone range at 600 x 600 dpi. That’s the highest native print resolution on the market. Quite simply it achieves results that are challenging to flexo or toner-based technologies. It is designed to create labels that are vibrant, radiant and rich!



“Our customers have been used to seeing certain colours the same way for years. Now they are seeing colours that they haven’t experienced before! In my opinion, it has really exceeded expectations.”

- Roxanne Beth, Marketing Manager, Smyth Companies (USA)

2. Vibrant white opacity

Another reason that N610i labels are so vibrant is that it delivers the highest white opacity on the market: 72% at up to 70m/min (230ft/min). That’s beneficial  for customers who want a highly opaque, screen-like white and, again, challenges traditional flexo and toner whites.

This benefit also allows you to create an endless scope of textured label features in a potentially a cost-effective and consumer-appealing way. You can add eye-catching depth and vitality to your labels without paying for expensive pre-textured substrates.

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“The white ink in the colour set is highly opaque, making the print quality very attractive on clear and metallic substrates. You can also print three dimensional textured effects giving the labels more depth and vitality.”

- Kimmo Palkonen, Managing Director, Karico (Finland)

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3. The N610i is fast

Speed on the production line is linked inseparably to your profits. The faster you can process your jobs, the better it is for your bottom line. The N610i prints at up to 75 m/min. That translates as 4,500 m/hour and 36,000 m/8 hour shift.

This is especially important if you often have to print short runs for multiple SKUs. An N610i customer in the US who had to print 1,000-2,000 copies of 64 different labels, used to take 2-3 days with their old technology. With the N610i the same job takes 2-3 hours.

“Before our investment in the Domino press, digital print used to account for 2-3% of our business. It now stands at 98%.”

- Barry Lewis, President and Managing Director, Reel Appeal (UK)

4. The N610i makes variable data printing easier

Personalised or variable labels have become incredibly popular with consumers. The N610i makes it easy to create variable labels in either monochrome or colour. Create variable barcodes, text and images for multiple SKUs for enhanced security, traceability and product personalisation.

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5. Industry standard workflow

Print quality is one thing. But a high-quality label press should also be easy to work with. The N610i uses ESKO workflow software as standard. That makes it easy to prepare, process and manage jobs, with additional features for colour management and supply chain collaboration.

Want to know more?

The N610i is an in-demand label press. More than half of the top ten label printers use the N610i (or the N600i - the predecessor) as their preferred ink jet technology. If you would like to see how the N610i could transform your business, take a look at our website to see the N610i digital inkjet press in action.

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