Behind Our Printers: In conversation with Domino’s UK Channel Trainer

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  • October 05, 2021
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It's our people that have empowered us to become a world leader in printing technology. As part of our blog series lifting the curtain on the unique people behind our printers, we sit down with Domino's UK Channel Trainer, Jason Manley.

Please introduce yourself, what is your role at Domino?

My name is Jason Manley, and I'm the channel trainer for the UK. My principal role is to upskill our customers and internal staff on the nuances of Domino's unique printing equipment. This focuses on technical training for our customers, including Operator, Technical Operator and Maintenance professionals. Each of these increases equipment efficiencies and maximises the potential of the products. This helps to maintain the lifecycle and value of the equipment, as well as uptime and profitability to customers.

How long have you been at Domino, and how has your role changed over the years?

I've been at Domino for 14 years with almost 10 of them spent as a service engineer. Several of these years were spent in the field every day, visiting different customers and taking care of key accounts that are household names. This experience enabled me to see how our customers actually work from the inside, which was an invaluable learning exercise. Since then, I've been in the project management department, managing printer installations, and over the last three years, I've been able to apply this experience to my role as a trainer.

Two things interested me about the training position: one being the fact that I could show customers how to get the best from our technology, and the second was that it would allow me to learn about the commercial side of the business. As a service engineer, you become very technically aware but not commercially conscious. However, in the training role, I became involved with the promotional side of the business as well. Eventually, I intend to align both my sales and technical colleagues by training them in each others’ business areas, which I believe will help them excel.

What do you enjoy most about working at Domino?

I'm a real "techie" or a "tinkerer", and you never stop learning at Domino, because there's always something new to find out. However, from a business point of view – if I reflect on the subject – the people are the best thing. It sounds cliché, but it is our teams that make all the difference. Domino is very good at recruiting and retaining talent who embody our values. They're very good at supporting the team, promoting and training, and simply helping Domino colleagues develop their personal and professional skills.

Could you pinpoint a standout moment in your Domino journey that led you to where you are today?

I had the opportunity to work in one of our customer sites while being a Domino employee, and this gave me a view from both sides of the fence. Being located at a large customer site was a real game-changer for me because I was involved with KPIs and metrics that formed part of that business. I also attended production meetings, so I was able to add value to their product efficiencies, whilst helping to enhance their strategies and goals. It's not about a printer, really. It's about the customer getting their products manufactured and delivered without any packaging or product errors on them. It's surprising how often waste and inefficiencies remain a challenge for manufacturers, even with today's technology available. Focus is around that type of challenge, rather than the next, shiny, technological release.

Additionally, being a Domino customer earlier in my career gives me a better understanding of our customer's needs and allows more empathy. It’s quite a unique perspective to have.

Why do you think customers choose Domino?

We always put our customers first in terms of usability and support. If there's an issue, the Domino team use their collective problem-solving capabilities and remain focused on a resolution. We won't rest until the customer is happy.

Another reason our customers stick with us is that Domino provides such excellent training. Under legislation, Operative staff must be trained to a suitable standard, and with this in mind, Domino aims to propel customers forward in order for them to comply with necessary regulations.

A simple ethos. But it works.

Our ethos centres on recognising that every person, at every level, has the opportunity to nurture their career and shape the future of the company. That results in energised employees, excited to provide great service.

Stay tuned for the next blog post in the Behind Our Printers series as we introduce you to some of the people who make Domino a world leader in commercial printing. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about working within Domino, visit our careers area.

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