Printing on Printed Circuit Board

Domino’s printers create accurate, high-quality product coding while maximising production uptime

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) go to several manufacturers downstream. Track-and-traceability is therefore crucial for all different manufacture and assembly points during the product building process. With PCBs constructed in different materials, colours, and textures, it is necessary to ensure the same quality product coding on every unit.

The accuracy and reliability of our continuous and thermal Inkjet printers allow for the creation of the text, graphics, and 2D Data Matrix codes you need on your high-speed production lines. Our i-Pulse inks are robust enough to withstand the harshest (high-temperature and high-humidity applications) post-print processes and come in a variety of colours for maximum contrast on a range of materials. With their modular design, our printers can provide flexibility with printer placement as the printheads can be stationed at convenient points on the production line without getting in the way of the production process.

All our inkjet printers require minimal maintenance, are easy to operate, and can be combined with our high-quality labelling technology for a complete coding solution for both product and packaging.