Global B2B Experience Benchmark Highlights Domino Printing Sciences’ Customer Service Excellence

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  • October 21, 2021
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Domino’s Net Promoter Score of 77 Sets Manufacturing Industry Benchmark While Underpinning Broader Customer Experience Programme

4th October 2021: This national Customer Service Week (4th – 8th October), Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) celebrates its continuous commitment to customer service excellence, as validated by the latest global B2B Experience Benchmarks report from CustomerGauge. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 77, compared with the industry median score of 49, the report notes the importance and value of responding to customer feedback stating “Domino has a well defined and embedded ‘close-the-loop’ process.”

Interestingly, despite this exceptional score, it is not central to Domino’s customer service commitments. CustomerGauge notes “While they use NPS as the metric to gauge their [customer experience] success, it isn’t their main focus.”

Domino’s Group Customer Experience Director, Marianne Wright, explains: “Don’t obsess about the score, obsess about the customer. If you focus on getting and acting on customer feedback your NPS score will naturally grow, but what’s really important is that you become more customer-centric in the process.”

Marianne Wright

CustomerGauge B2B Experience Benchmarks

The CustomerGauge B2B Experience Benchmarks report is the most comprehensive survey of B2B customer experience (CX) globally. Between January 2019 and July 2021, 776 companies across the globe, of varying sizes and industries, answered 31 total questions on four separate categories of performance: measuring feedback, acting on feedback, growing from feedback, and culture foundations.

Domino scored highly in each performance category. The company has automated its process for undertaking transactional surveys, which are integrated directly into its CRM system. Surveys are sent out immediately after a customer interaction has taken place, resulting in an average response rate of 28% across the globe, with some regions as high as 44%. Domino is also prompt to contact all detractors to discuss the feedback given and resolve any issues.

“When a customer makes the effort to give us feedback, we act on it and it’s the basis for our NPS continuous improvement programme and success. Customers choosing Domino can be assured that all comments are reviewed and opportunities for improvement are actioned quickly,” says Marianne.

As Cary T. Self, VP of Education and Program, CustomerGauge, adds: “Domino has done a fantastic job focusing on building out transactional NPS with a focus on response rate – by not necessarily fixating on the NPS score, Domino is instead focused on engaging in conversations with its customers. Customers appreciate an exceptional Account Experience and Domino is delivering on that promise – an NPS of 77 puts Domino in the 90th percentile of all NPS for manufacturing businesses and this is truly a testament to its relentless focus on B2B Account Experience.”

Creating the best experience for customers

Over the last three years, Domino has worked hard to enhance its CX programme, which is now a cornerstone of its corporate global strategy, with all countries – and everyone within customer-facing roles in the company – targeted to improve specific metrics surrounding CX.

These metrics are not limited to just NPS. Domino builds its business on the feedback from customers and undertakes ‘voice of customer’ activities in product management, R&D, sales, marketing, customer experience and more “to ensure that we are always at least delivering against – and more often than not exceeding – the expectations of our customers,” as Marianne emphasises.

Domino’s commitment to customer service excellence is also reflected in the feedback they receive from their customers – as Glenn Siegele, President, Omega Design Corporation, comments: “We’ve chosen Domino as our standard provider because of their superior service, superior technology in their products, and the strong partnerships in our supply chain for rapid development and remote integration of product lines.”

Marianne concludes, “Customer service excellence comes in part from having a clear and effective strategy and focused leadership, but also ensuring that everyone who works at Domino has the chance to develop the skills and capabilities to act upon customer feedback in the moment – and feels empowered to do so. This is why our continuous improvement programme extends not only to customer service metrics but filters all the way through our organisation to continuous staff training and improvement.

“We are delighted our efforts are recognised by our customers and we will be using this occasion to, in turn, recognise our customer service heroes this week.”

You can find out more about the work Domino does to supports its customers here.

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