Secondary Packaging

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Large Character Coding

Designed for use on porous substrates such as cartons, trays and sacks, our high-resolution Cx Series uses piezo drop-on-demand technology for consistently high-quality results. As an alternative to labeling, the Cx350i can be used in almost all manufacturing sectors such as food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and many other industries.


Print and Apply Labelling Systems

Our Print & Apply label dispensers can be easily integrated into your production line thanks to a wide range of standard or custom applicators. Our up to 600 m long label & ribbon rolls ensure minimal downtime in your production. Whether you want to automatically apply your labels to individual products or ready-to-ship boxes, the same basic requirements for traceability, legibility and clarity apply to all variants. Areas of application are, for example:

  • Front pages of individual products
  • Tops of shells
  • Cardboard outer packaging


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