CO2 laser printers designed to integrate into a variety of production lines

Domino Touchpanel D320i CO2 laser printers TouchPanel

Position our remote TouchPanel away from the coding, to suit your production line.

Domino D320i laser D320i CO2 laser printers Mount

Flexible laser positioning including vertical mounting for a smaller footprint .

  • The compact D320i CO2 laser printers deliver improved performance and multiple lines of text at 1500 characters per second.
  • With the smaller, adjustable i-Tech scanhead, flexible connectivity and familiar interface, this dynamic machine is used in diverse packaging and processing lines, from state-of-the-art beverage fillers to toughened glass production.
  • And because it has separate components – as a result of its i-Tech modular design – you’ll find it’s professionally installed with the help of Domino’s project team.
  • Continuous printing on fast paced production lines is achieved through features such as our patented, optional i-Tech RapidScan technology.
  • This powerful machine can print on a wide variety of substrates, and proves that good things can come in smaller packages.
  • Ideal for harsh factory environments, the D-Series offers an IP65 rating across all the i-Tech modules.


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