Fibre Laser Marking Machine

Precise and High Pulse Power Fibre Laser Marking Machines

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Printed substrate

Metal, Dark plastics, Light plastics, Flexible film

Metal, Light plastics, Flexible film

Metal, Light plastics, Flexible film

Can Coding
BCCS - Laser Class 1 Solution

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Parts Making
Low Maintenance Laser
Ingress Protection: Laser Head




Ingress Protection: Controller


IP55 (Optional IP65)

IP55 (Optional IP65)

Minimal Substrate Penetration

Why choose our Fibre Laser Marking Machine?

  • For permanent, precise laser marking of crisp, clear codes onto a wide range of materials, one of Domino Printing’s potential solutions is the F-⁠⁠Series fibre laser marking machine.
  • Boasting a laser beam spot size that is typically ten times finer and sharper than other laser marking and coding products, our F-Series fibre laser printers allow you to mark your products with utmost precision and quality.
  • Tailor the beam strength to suit your materials, up to powerful high pulse power peaks of more than 12kW, suitable for engraving metals.
  • With the F-Series you can achieve better contrast on plastic materials and deploy a much softer coding process on material susceptible to fractures.
  • The F-Series fibre laser printer can produce unlimited lines of text in any orientation, and in many fonts and sizes. Equally suitable for both graphics and 2D Data Matrix codes.
  • With the aim of maintaining production uptime, 100,000 hours of laser life, easy installation, and compact footprint, the F230i, F520i and F720i are flexible and adaptable fibre laser machines – equally suited for static and intermittent coding, as well as marking on-the-fly applications from low to high production line speeds.


Click here for D-Series in case you are looking for the range of CO2 Laser Printer.

Contact us for F-Series and we will suggest right solution to you. Let's Get Coding!


The diverse range of DPX fume extraction units to protect your equipment

  • Ideal for use in a diverse range of applications, the DPX range of fume extraction units provides an efficient and cost-effective way of keeping your production at full capacity.
  • Through its efficient two-stage filtration process with patented technology the DPX helps to reduce the risk of product contamination and rejects.
  • It also reduces the likelihood of machine failure due to dust or particle formation inside your production equipment.
  • Robust, reliable and easy to operate, the DPX units come in a range of variants based on Production rates:
      • DPX500    - below 200 codes per min
      • DPX1000  - between 200-⁠500 codes per min
      • DPX1500  - above 500 codes per min
      • DPX2000  - all PVC coding applications
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