Flexible and reliable Print & Apply Labelling Machine for your production lines

M230i-S_SP-Sidebar-image-1-300x200  print and apply labeling machine Longer uptime for maximum productivity

Designed with system intelligence to deliver increased production uptime.

M-Series TouchPanel provides greater control - print and apply labeling machine Operator usability at its best

With an intuitive UI, easy navigation and tool-free consumables changes, the user experience is consummate.

The Domino M230i-S & M230i-SP automatic print and apply labelling machines provide a new level of safety to automated label application on front, rear, top, side, or corner labelling without compromising  the performance.

With an integrated Autostop feature, operator safety is enhanced. In addition, a compact footprint and flexible design makes the systems adaptable to your specific needs now and far into the future.

In order to be as flexible as possible, two models (the M230i-S and M230i-SP) are available.

Factors that determine which model is most appropriate for you are:

• Desired throughput
• Label orientation
• Space availability
• Operator comfort and availability

For total peace of mind, we offer genuine Domino consumables. These are designed and developed especially for our printers, to maximise print quality and significantly reduce unplanned downtime. Scheduled deliveries through our online order placement portal BuyDomino to ensure you use the genuine consumables required to keep producing.