Thermal Transfer OverPrinter

Thermal Transfer Overprinter for Flexible Packaging

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Feature comparison

Maximum code width 32mm 32mm 53mm 128mm
Code Print Quality 300dpi 300dpi 300dpi 300dpi
Maximum print speed 550mm/s 750mm/s 750mm/s 1400mm/s
Prints between ribbon change* 77,000 77,000 77,000 1,60,000
Economy Mode prints between ribbon change* 1,92,500 1,92,500 1,92,500 4,00,000
Compressed air required Not Required Not Required Not Required Required
Cassette ribbon loading
QuickStep - simple user interface
PC label design software included
Web browser capability for complete host machine integration
Simple bracket conversion kits
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Why choose Domino Thermal Transfer OverPrinter ?

Thermal Transfer Overprinter is a method where heat is used to transfer ink from a Thermal Transfer Ribbon onto a flexible substrate like food, beverage, and medication packaging. This technique is used for example for the printing of barcodes and variable information such as best-by dates and serial numbers.

Our V-Series range of high quality coders can print variable text, barcodes and images onto flexible packaging films and labels.

Designed for crisp, clear coding, our V-Series delivers the highest resolutions at the fastest speeds in the industry. With unparalleled reliability, our unique i-Tech Dancing Arms maintain ribbon tension and virtually eliminate downtime: you’ll also use up to 60% less ribbon.

Domino’s V-Series range are, small and compact, they will fit into almost all existing thermal transfer brackets, keeping installation costs to a minimum.

While keeping Total Cost of Ownership low. With innovative design, the weight of our machines has been reduced by 40%, minimising environmental impact and the reducing the carbon footprint of your production line. 

Innovative design to minimise waste, to keep total cost of ownership low and reduce environmental impact.

  • Weight
  • Reducing ribbon use and packaging
  • No compressed air costs
  • Lower power consumption

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