Dave Featherston

TTO, TIJ Product Marketing Manager


For the better part of 25 years, Dave Featherston has served in engineering and business development roles in the packaging industry. Dave offers vast knowledge in TTO and Thermal Inkjet Industrial Printing. Also expert in high-resolution large character ink jet, Dave is assisting our sales team in helping customers make well-informed choices when selecting a printing technology. As a holder of three industry patents, Dave has a proven innovative mindset – an asset to Domino and its customers.

Articles from Dave Featherston

Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Secondary Packaging Coding Technology to Domino’s Piezo Inkjet Printer

When it comes to choosing a new piece of factory equipment, environmental considerations have never been so high up the agenda. The Cx350i has been designed to overcome problems associated with legacy solutions, including poor day-to-day reliability, and outdated interfaces, as well as provide environmental benefits for manufacturers.


Lot Codes and Expiration Dates 101

Lot codes and expiration dates are an integral part of the packaging process, but what do they mean and where are they used? Domino offers this brief overview, whether you are new to the manufacturing process or a seasoned pro, it's always a worthwhile refresher.


A Brief Overview: The Future of Packaging

We’ve all now probably heard some insight into the future of packaging such as sustainability, smart packaging, degradable single use packaging and the continuing rise of e-commerce, but what do this all really mean and how will it affect you both as a customer and as someone in the packaging industry? Let’s explore some of these topics and how they will shape and form your business and your consumer behavior moving forward.


Types of packaging equipment and options for integrating coding and marking systems

When thinking about the packaging we see in stores, secondary and tertiary packaging decisions might not enter a consumer's mind. But it's that packaging that ensures your product travels safely. What type of equipment creates these vital types of packaging and will all integrate with your coding and marking assets? Let Domino guide you.


Which TIJ (Thermal Ink Jet) ink should I use?

TIJ (Thermal Ink Jet) is an easy-to-use, convenient method to print MRCs (Machine Readable Codes), human readable text and graphics with superior contrast and crispness, but what ink makes the most sense to leverage your capital investment? Thankfully you have come to the right place. Let Domino be your guide.


2D Codes Explained: What’s the Difference Between a Data Matrix Code and a QR Code?

QR codes and Data Matrix codes are both 2D codes - and both becoming much more commonly used by manufacturers, but in very different ways. In this blog, we're going to explore the fundamental differences between Data Matrix codes and QR codes, so that you can make an informed decision on which 2D code is right for your operation.


Introducing The New Cx350i Printer and Cloud-Based Solution - Big on Boxes!

We’re introducing a new inkjet printer for direct-to-box coding on secondary packaging. Say hello to the Domino Cx350i high-resolution inkjet printer.


Choosing a thermal transfer overprinter: 7 key considerations

It’s about more than just the printer model you choose. Getting the best from thermal transfer overprinting technology (TTO) requires finding a supplier who can optimize the technology for your production line and minimize downtime with support that’s there when you need it.


Introducing quality TTO printing that’s better by nature

Domino Amjet prides itself on offering Eco-conscious thermal transfer overprinting solutions without sacrificing print quality. By creating innovative TTO printers that bypass the need for compressed air, Domino can bring manufacturers the grand slam of efficiency - offering environmental, cost and operational efficiency - all in one TTO.


6 reasons every snack manufacturer needs TTO technology

It’s quick, it’s clear and it’s extremely flexible. And when you factor in the cost-savings, it’s easy to see why Thermal Transfer Overprinting is the technology of choice for increasing numbers of snack manufacturers. Here are six reasons you should consider it too.


6 reasons why thermal ink jet printing is perfect for food packaging

The instant meal industry is only getting bigger. In the UK, the industry was reported to be worth over $2.5 billion in 2011. By 2016 forecasts suggest that figure will be closer to $3.7 billion. That puts increasing pressure on the businesses responsible for printing food packaging. Find out how TIJ can help you meet your business goals.