6 reasons every snack manufacturer needs TTO technology

  • By Dave Featherston
  • July 24, 2015
  • Food
  • Snacks
  • Pouches
  • Bags
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1. It gives you room to be creative

The snack industry is competitive. Part of being successful is having a strong brand identity that stands out on the shelf. TTO allows you to say goodbye to generic packaging. The technology can print text, data, graphics, QR codes and logos over a large area – switching between elements in subsequent prints if you wish.

2. Crystal clear quality

Print quality can be inconsistent with legacy technologies, such as hot stamping. With TTO you get 300dpi print resolution on every print.

3. Change codes in a flash

You will know better than most that traceability coding is essential in the snack industry. Because TTO technology is digital, you can store pre-prepared codes in the memory. Operators can change codes and print them instantly, unlocking huge time savings compared with the minimum five-minute turnaround typical of hot-stamp printers.

4. No more coding errors

With hot-stamp printers and roller coders, human error is inevitable when it comes to changing codes. That leads to reworks, which increases your production costs and decreases your output. TTO allows you to double-check codes in a WYSIWYG print preview before you hit go.

5. Fewer line stoppages

In an industry where turning a profit means shifting high volumes with low margins, operational efficiency is business-critical. The rolls of ribbon used in TTO printers are usually at least twice the length of those used by hot-stamp printers. Result? The number of line stoppages required to change consumables is reduced by at least 50% if a TTO printer is used. TTO ribbons are easy to change too.

6. TTO ribbon is cheaper than the ribbon used in hot-stamp printers

More good news for your bottom line!

In conclusion…

With higher print quality, a reduction in product rejection, increased operational efficiency and potential capital cost savings, TTO ticks plenty of boxes. The ideal coding technology for the burgeoning snacks market should offer quick and automatic code changeovers, cost-effective consumables and the flexibility to print a wide range of variable data at high speeds. TTO gives you all that and more.

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