JetAir Technologies trusts Domino's Ax-Series for their SureCode system for Maximum Code Reliability

  • By Domino North America
  • October 06, 2017
  • Cans
  • Food
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Together, JetAir and Domino have eliminated one of the biggest causes of code failure.

The SureCode™ blends both companies’ innovative solutions in a single piece of equipment that takes up fewer than 50 inches of line space. “With this system, we address a problem that 50% of our customers aren’t aware of until start up,” JetAir’s Dan Snyder, Director of Key Accounts, explains. Check out our video about the SureCode™  and see how our one-of-a-kind partnership can help take your beverage factory to the next level. 

The system combines JetAir’s surface preparation know how with Domino’s continuous inkjet printing technology, building in quality assurance for beverage factories all over the world.

Drier Surface, Better Coding

Creating a better canvas is of utmost importance for our client base. After all, if a code is unreadable, we lose traceability. 

“The ability for ink to adhere to a clean, dry surface is critical for maximum readability and the survival through the harsh processing conditions the code will face after it’s applied,” explains David Deagle, Domino’s Canning Sector Development Manager. “Maximizing the code quality at the point of applying the inkjet code is key to all functions post-coding.”

The SureCode™ integrates surface preparation to deliver a clean, dry container to the print head. This ensures precise, clean codes from the next step of the process (e.g. inspection) all the way to the consumer.

Together, JetAir and Domino have eliminated one of the biggest causes of code failure. The compact, energy efficient SureCode™ delivers containers ready for printing and pristine codes.

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