What are the GS1 Preferred Label Placement Requirements for Pallets?

  • By Domino North America
  • July 25, 2018
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It’s hard to keep track of everything these days as far as food safety, compliance etc. We get it, and as suppliers who are in plants EVERYDAY, we make it our job to know key mandates that impact your business. And what we are finding is that many  don’t seem to be aware of this latest GS1 recommendation as it relates to pallet Labeling, so we are taking the opportunity to share what you need to know, so you can make informed decisions.

While you might know that 1x label on a pallet is the bare minimum from a traceability perspective, it is now recommended that two sides of the pallet be labeled with the exact same data, to ensure a label is always visible. The full GS1 report lays all of these requirements out - especially Page 38 and beyond.

Here is a summary of other details related to the 2 pallet labels:

  • At least 2 inches in from the corners
  • ~16-32 inches from the base of the pallet
  • Picket Fence orientation for the barcode

So, if you are using one label today, yes, that is completely acceptable…for now. However, more retailers are asking for two label placement to help with their own supply chain efficiency. This is validated by the growing number of inquiries we are receiving from many of our “big brand” customers who are now looking for an option to support the two-sided labels on their pallets.

Thankfully Domino has a solution, but it’s more than just our print and apply offering itself. It’s future proofing. It’s aligning yourself with a partner who makes it their job to know yours.

To discuss this requirement more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Domino North America and its team of Print & Apply experts at solutions@domino-na.com.

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