What does Sustainability have to do with Integrity of the Supply Chain?

  • By Domino North America
  • April 22, 2019
  • Beverage
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As organizations are becoming increasingly more accountable for environmental and social performance in their supply chains, having integrity on your line is a fundamental part of that conversation. Integrity is often thought of as a core belief system within a corporate culture, however never before has the idea of both integrity and sustainability been so closely linked to company values.

When we speak of Sustainability in the Supply Chain it typically revolves around Human Rights, Health & Safety standards, Environmental Protection, and fighting against Corruption. The Environmental aspect is what we would like to hone in on today.

As a coding and marking supplier we have made great strides in driving sustainability, helping to ensure that our customers have the peace of mind that they are driving this level of integrity. As outlined in a previous blog from Domino way back in 2015, “the development of a printer that requires fewer consumables and reduces waste demonstrates this. It’s a printer that can help you hit your production line targets as well as your CSR requirements, without losing print quality or speed. So now you can have ethics and performance on your side.

Printing on an industrial scale is resource-intensive. That’s why any printer that cuts your resource consumption should be celebrated. Because when you cut consumption, you boost your bottom line. And after all, why should high-quality printing cost the earth?”

Domino’s F-Series Fibre laser is a perfect example of this. Arguably the most compelling benefit of Fibre laser is its environmental performance. Laser does not require any fluid, so waste is not an issue. Deploying a coding and marking system that requires no consumables and reduces waste improves a company’s green credentials, while also making a visible commitment to improving the sustainability of beverage canning. Further, It is also produces a perfect code every time that insures a readable code in a re-call situation.

Aligning with a supplier, such as Domino, who understands how to support your sustainability initiatives is vital to future proofing your business.

Domino does more than just code. The company has the right people and technology to offer full coding and marking solutions to support the ongoing integrity efforts of your supply chain.

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