Printing on Personal Care Flexible Packaging

Over-wraps and plastic pouches/packs can be printed with clear codes using our thermal-transfer overprinters or continuous inkjet options

Laser Markers for the flexible packaging win

To say that there are a 'variety' of types of flexible packaging is to say that there are a 'few' grains of sand on the beach. As you know, flexible packaging has a home in multiple major industries including Food Packaging, sterile Industrial packaging or in this case, Beauty and Cosmetics, this type of packaging has been so 'flexible' that it's nearly everywhere. 

Regardless of the situation, most of the time, if it's going to touch consumer hands and requires a sell-by date, it's going to need a code. That's where Domino North America and its industrial printers come in. 

Some products in packets – such as hair color and alcohol-based wet wipes – involve chemicals that can be especially challenging for inks used in codes.

That's why it's so important to use a printing solution that delivers a clean and clear code that is permanent and stable in the presence of other chemicals.

That's no problem for Domino.

Domino Industrial Printer Technologies

Whether printing by thermal transfer, continuous inkjet, or especially CO2 laser marker, our options deliver high quality each and every time. Our printers have been designed to work at high speed, in the toughest production environments, and feature several waste reduction/ink optimization features to help ensure a low cost of ownership. 

Streamline your flexible packaging with Domino

While the other options are tried and true for the needs of flexible packaging copackers all over the world, CO2 laser marking machines has emerged as a viable option for these types of materials. They might be thin and tearable - and lasers might be last option that you would consider, but as our Senior Product Marketing Manager for Laser Jon Hall has covered in informative videos, with the perfect, dialed-in wavelength for the substrate, the lack of thickness is no issue for the likes of CO2 lasers. 

During the initial ordering process, we will take a company's substrate through a rigorous sample process at the Domino Sample Lab to ensure that a clear code is created each and every time. This is done to protect companies from getting a laser or even inkjet that just won't work for their particular substrate type, resulting in bad codes that could have been prevented. 

Thermal transfer printers also present viable alternatives

While it's a more standard option than laser, some might not think of TTO as the first option for flexible packaging, but, like CO2 lasers, it makes a strong case for this type of product printing due to its ability to create extremely clear codes in a multitude of fonts. Thermal transfer has been deployed on flexible packaging for the Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals for all manner of sterile packaging, Industrial for the likes of parts packaging, and for beauty wipes. 

Domino's line of V-Series Thermal Transfer Printers are a tremendous option for a beauty application due to their ability to work in tandem with QuickDesign software. This gives you the potential to integrate branding - even in date coding, bar coding and QR coding. 

We know that in beauty, your brand image is precious and hard-fought - and even something as utilitarian as a date or traceability code can be used to strengthen the image of your brand - and on the flipside, something that looks like an afterthought can be a detriment.

Domino's user-friendly, scalable software and service products are easy to integrate with existing coding and labeling technologies in your factory. Our QuickDesign suite of label design software is fully-featured and free to use right out of the box, giving your company everything from a powerful Label Editor to an entire range of automation modules


Stay in control of your package messaging, from product to pallet, remotely or right from the factory floor with QuickDesign from Domino North America. Fully scalable to suit the specific needs of your production line, this software will allow you to remain compliant and manage your data with a simple touchscreen PC interface. With QuickDesign, you can create accurate labels from our built-in product table and choose the perfect label for your needs to eliminate mistakes and eliminate recalls. 

QuickDesign Lite

QuickDesign Lite is our free-to-download, easy-to-use label production software to get you going in mere minutes. From complex labels, including ingredients and allergen information, to large batches of date messages, start creating simple coding at the touch of a button and get your production line up and running.

QuickDesign Modules

Whether it’s plug and play integration and automated interfacing, or order management from the factory floor, our fully scalable automation models come with a range of features developed for the real-world challenges you face. From single coders to site-wide solutions.

Want to learn more about QuickDesign and Coding Automation? Contact the experts at Domino North America.

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