Printing on Cables

Accurate and reliable coding solutions to meet all your cable and wire industry compliance standards.

What industrial printers are best for wire insulation?

Domino industrial printers provide crisp, clear and accurate codes at high speed for all different types of cables. Typically, continuous inkjet and piezo inkjet are the go-to solutions for coding cable and wire insulation.

Both our Ax-Series and Cx-Series ensure adherence to regulatory compliance in the cable and wire industry. Whether you are coding onto power cables, communication cables or special cables, your company needs the right solution to ensure legibility and code durability over time.

A choice of Continuous inkjet printers from the Ax-Series or high speed laser printers with the D320i CO2 laser ensure the best code on the cables. The Ax-Series offers flexible printing, higher throughput and quicker changeovers than traditional coding methods and is developed to interface with all leading cable processing equipment. A range of coding format options, up to 32 dot matrix, ensure legibility from the smallest to largest cable sizes. 

Domino offers a range of inks to ensure strong code contrast on dark and light surfaces and strong adhesion with fast drying characteristics to meet the varying needs of cable sheathing. The Ax-Series enjoys superior ink adhesion that is water, solvent and scratch resistant. Flexible print formats ensure high quality printing and allow different print heights within a single code. The enhanced software in our Ax-Series Continuous Inkjet printers provide simple set-up and accurate message repeats.

Can you code wire insulation with lasers?

While both PIJ and CIJ offer durable codes, for ultimate durability, nothing can beat a code scribed with lasers. Our D-Series CO2 Laser produces a permanent code that lasts for the full life of the cable because the code itself is scribed directly into the material of the insulation.

Similar to coding onto PVC pipe or flexible tubing for plumbing or or automotive where traceability codes must be read in harsh conditions for years, lasers can serve as a remarkable solution if the scribed code needs to remain legible.

If your wire will be utilized for a safety component, have a long service life, or will be subjected to an especially harsh environment - such as the temperature swings of engine components and more. So long as the insulation stays intact, so does a scribed code, so if max durability is required, the D-Series is your answer.

Our Automation and Integration Services help make the coding process safer and prevent errors from happening.

Domino Automation and Designer, our software tools for centralized label management and automated deployment, are designed to boost your production efficiency: streamline operations and minimize waste.

Using Domino Automation you can create messages centrally and automatically pass them down to all Domino printers on your production.

  • Design and manage labels at a single location: our intuitive label design system enables using a universal interface, keeping training needs at a minimum.
  • Easily manage users and their permissions: security features like Active Directory Integration enable using your existing IT network, and simplify user management.
  • Full audit trail for the management of production changes: version control provides the ability for approval and roll-back procedures.