Printing on Plastic Pipes and Extrusions

Utilized in construction, manufacturing, electronics and more, PVC pipes and complex window frames require traceability codes to prevent counterfeiting. Domino offers several industrial printers perfect for these applications.

What industrial printing technologies work best for Extruded Pipes?

Extrusion to produce pipes and profiles presents unique requirements on industrial coding and marking systems. As you know, extrusion lines typically run 24x7 and any stoppages or line speed changes may result in expensive waste from stretched and unreadable traceability codes.

Any printers installed on your production line should be able to support the continuous extrusion process and keep the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) high. At the same time, they should be able to print high quality codes on curved surfaces and the inks should adhere to the substrates and withstand any post production treatments.

For the production of pipes, generally, commercial plastic and extrusion pipe factories choose Continuous Inkjet and CO2 Laser as their first options.

Is Continuous Inkjet an Option?

Domino North America's Ax-Series of industrial inkjet printers provide a simple solution when applying clear product codes, meter marks, brand logos, quality marks and other vital information onto extruded plastics. A wider diameter allows for a greater print area, but our high-resolution printers can print small, legible, characters onto narrow pipes too.

Our industrial inkjets are built for reliable operation in tough production environments and are designed to minimize servicing needs in addition to reducing solvent use. This results in high uptime and an overall low cost of ownership. Our printers are also simple to set up and use, and printheads can be located at convenient points of production, without getting in the way of the production process.

The electronics enclosure is IP66-rated. This mean that our industrial printers can be washed down on-line, making the production process faster and easier without the need for lengthy shutdowns for wash-downs. The inks used with our Ax-Series printers are fast drying inks specially suitable for substrates such as PVC and PE. They come in a range of different colors to give high-contrast codes with good adhesion and can withstand high operating temperatures.

Are Lasers also used on PVC Pipes?

In addition to CIJ, many manufacturers have utilized Domino North America's laser printers to produce indelible, sharp codes on plastic pipes and profiles. Our CO2 lasers can support high-speed extrusion lines and can integrate in tight manufacturing lines using flexible mounting positions or custom installation designs.

Can you control multiple industrial printers from one terminal?

Our Automation and Integration Services help make the coding process safer and prevent errors from happening.

Domino Automation and Designer, our software tools for centralized label management and automated deployment, are designed to boost your production efficiency: streamline operations and minimize waste.

Using Domino Automation you can create messages centrally and automatically pass them down to all Domino printers on your production.

  • Design and manage labels at a single location: our intuitive label design system enables using a universal interface, keeping training needs at a minimum.
  • Easily manage users and their permissions: security features like Active Directory Integration enable using your existing IT network, and simplify user management.
  • Full audit trail for the management of production changes: version control provides the ability for approval and roll-back procedures.

Prevent Coding Errors at Scale with Domino North America's R-Series Vision Control System

To automatically check product codes on production lines, Domino North America has developed a range of Vision Control Systems with leading camera suppliers. These Vision Control Systems are the perfect track and trace option for factories within several industries.

What makes Domino's R-Series so good?

  • Easy set-up and installation
  • Highly intuitive user interface
  • Able to control product reject systems
  • Fully customizable, or range of lighting & bracketry is built to suit specific production lines & factory needs