Printing on pharmaceuticals cartons

High-quality, cost-effective laser and thermal inkjet printers offer fast, accurate marking of cartons – ensuring compliance and maximizing uptime.

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The information printed on a carton can be just as important as the contents contained within. Without readable product data, it is impossible to guarantee legislative compliance, eliminate costly supply-chain errors, or ensure the safety of users. But how do you achieve accurate marking across a range of packaging materials, without compromising on quality or cost?

Domino’s laser and thermal Inkjet printers offer cost-effective, high-quality printing solutions. Both can produce sharp text, graphics, and human- and machine-readable 2D Data Matrix codes on 95% of commonly used carton materials. Our laser printers combine a small overall footprint with a unique i-Tech scan head – which can be rotated in multiple directions. Our thermal inkjet printers work with a range of substrate-specific inks and feature a modular design that can be scaled to fit your changing requirements. This allows them to offer maximum flexibility – so they can be integrated into your existing production process while continuing to ensure accuracy at high production speeds.

All Domino printing solutions can also be combined with our labeling technology to offer a complete product marking solution, ensuring that you meet legislative requirements while maximizing uptime.

Domino's user-friendly, scalable software and service products are easy to integrate with existing coding and labeling technologies in your factory. Our QuickDesign suite of label design software is fully-featured and free to use right out of the box, giving your company everything from a powerful Label Editor to an entire range of automation modules


Stay in control of your package messaging, from product to pallet, remotely or right from the factory floor with Domino Amjet's QuickDesign. Fully scalable to suit the specific needs of your production line, QuickDesign will allow you to remain compliant and manage your data with a simple touchscreen PC interface. With QuickDesign, you can create accurate labels from our built-in product table and choose the perfect label for your needs to eliminate mistakes and eliminate recalls

QuickDesign Lite

QuickDesign Lite is our free-to-download, easy-to-use label production software to get you going in mere minutes. From complex labels, including ingredients and allergen information, to large batches of date messages, start creating simple coding at the touch of a button and get your production line up and running.

QuickDesign Modules

Whether it’s plug and play integration and automated interfacing, or order management from the factory floor, our fully scalable automation models come with a range of features developed for the real-world challenges you face. From single coders to site-wide solutions.