Why do Vaccine Manufacturers Put their TRUST in Domino?

  • By Domino North America
  • June 02, 2021
  • General
  • Life Sciences
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In December of 2020, Domino shared a video titled, “We all have a Part to Play”, showcasing how Domino supports PPE and Safety efforts, particularly during these tumultuous times.

We are excited to share a second video sequence that builds upon the first, however, this version is focused around the concept of “Trust”. Never before has this word been more prevalent in our society, particularly as it relates to the supply chains delivering vaccines around the world.

Domino could not be more proud to be the preferred providing of coding technologies for the top global vaccine manufacturers. Nor do we take this role lightly. We understand how critical it is in bringing peace of mind and reassurance to these manufacturers, through to the end users themselves. Every code brings with it the reassurance that the right code is put on the right product at the right time. There is no margin for error. Domino delivers the Trust to the vaccine manufacturers that their coding technology will perform reliably and consistently.

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