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CO2 Laser Marking Expert
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Jon Hall

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Laser Marking Expert

D-Series IP65 Controller with Flexible Print Head Flexible print head

The flexibility of print head rotation backed up by various scan head orientations and modular beam deliveries.

Domino D620i Laser Coder Touch Panel Easy integration

Using the modular beam delivery creates additional flexibility for difficult integrations.

Capable of coding multiple lines of text at an impressive 2,000 characters per second, the Domino D620i from the laser marking experts at Domino North America isn't just the leader of our D-Series CO2 Laser product portfolio, it's the leader of its class thanks to its ability to print high-quality codes at high speeds.

Its i-Tech modular design features separate components to ensure the laser provides an ideal partner for growing and demanding packaging and processing lines. Flexibility through connectivity options, familiar Domino interface and a compact, adjustable i-Tech scanhead are examples of features that have led to the success of this CO2 laser printer on a global scale.

Versatile across multiple industries

An optional IP65 version can take on harsh environments (such as sugar and moisture-ridden beverage production) by adding greater protection to the laser tube - that added level of reliability stimulates productivity and can increase your uptime. The D620i codes a wide range of substrates - such as labels, PET, glass, flexible packaging and cartons - and its high speed marking is delivered through Domino's patented optional i-Tech RapidScan technology.

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