Jon Hall

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Laser Marking Expert


As Senior Product Marketing Manager for Laser at Domino North America, Jon's extensive knowledge and experience brings customers confidence when choosing a laser system to meet coding and marking applications, no matter how complex. With safety at the forefront, Jon is expert at understanding customer objectives and delivering laser solutions that work. His expertise and innovative spirit have positioned Jon as the go-to for the world’s best beverage and pharma brands when it comes to laser marking.

For more information about Domino's range of CO2 Laser Marking machines; visit our D-Series page; for information about our Fiber Laser Markers, visit the F-Series lineup; for information about UV Lasers, visit our U-Series page.

Articles from Jon Hall

Everything You Need To Know About Laser Printing Technologies

In this insight blog, Domino North America’s laser experts provide an expert overview of laser technologies and how to choose the right solution for your coding and marking needs.


The Finer Point of Laser Coding on Films: Higher Efficiency at Shorter Wavelengths

In this latest blog in the "Laser on Flexible Films" series, join laser expert Jon Hall as he provides guidance on achieving higher efficiency laser coding by using shorter laser wavelengths.


The Future of Flexible Films

We are seeing a clear industry mandate to move away from multi-layer films. Companies who use these films are highly motivated to transition to a more environmentally friendly alternative. This blog focuses on the evolution of flexible films for sustainability reasons and how this could affect laser coding.


Flexible Film Coding with Lasers : Determining the “Right Tool for the Job”

Fiber laser coding is proving applicable on a larger percentage of flexible films and is the fasted growing option for laser coding films. But what is the first step to determine if it's right for you? Put your trust in the experts and let our expertise guide you.


Traceable codes on film using Laser? Let Domino North America's expertise show you how

Laser Coding on Film takes expertise and understanding. Whether you are having challenges getting good, readable codes, or the correct codes on your film substrates, past limitations shouldn't impact your efficiency. It is time to reevaluate your application and explore the recent advancements in laser coding on flexible films by Domino.


Why is fiber laser emerging as a great aluminum can coding option?

The beverage sector is growing fast and demand for cans is at an all-time high. Meeting that demand requires coding equipment that is fast and effective. Fiber laser technology aims to satisfy these increasing requirements.


What makes the "Perfect" Product Code and what coder should you use?

Lasers apply “energy” and any contrast created is dependent on the material absorption and reaction to the laser energy. The understanding of how materials absorb & react to laser energy is called Material Science.


Meeting the evolving needs of the food and beverage industry with laser coding

LASER HAS COME A LONG WAY: BENEFITS FOR THE MODERN FOOD AND BEVERAGE PACKAGING LINE Laser coding itself isn’t a new technology, but it is an area where the technology has taken several key steps forward in the past few years to address previous limitations and bring new advantages to a much broader range of coding applications.


How is tempered glass marked or etched?

The speed and accuracy with which you can add safety codes, company logos and other branding elements to your glass is the secret to satisfied clients and healthy profit margins. So what’s the best way to add coding and marking to tempered glass?


Key considerations when using lasers to code fruit and vegetables

Hold on to your honey-glazed carrots: is there a revolution afoot in the fruit and veg aisle? As supermarkets wise up to the benefits of replacing sticky labels with laser printing, we look at five issues that manufacturers, packagers and retailers must be aware of for the new coding development to truly take off in the future.


Which Laser Marking Machine Should You Use with Your Substrate?

While lasers are highly efficient for product coding, manufacturers must consider several factors when using Laser Marking Machines to print alphanumeric or 2D codes onto products successfully. A Laser Marking Machine's effectiveness is highly dependent upon the substrate type, laser wavelength, substrate absorption rate and other factors.


How to keep your staff safe when coding with Industrial Laser Marking Machines

Working with lasers in any capacity comes with obvious important safety implications. Did you know that getting proactive about laser safety can give your business a competitive advantage? Here are some of the safety recommendations, rules, and recommendations to be aware of when working with industrial lasers.


​Domino launches the F720i high performance fiber laser​

Domino is launching the F720i, the latest addition to its range of high performance, high speed fiber lasers on its stand S-3536 at PackExpo 2016 in Chicago, USA. Designed to deliver clear, legible and durable codes on to aluminium cans, and with a high IP rating, the new F720i fiber laser is particularly suited to withstand the harsh production


How Domino’s Pharma Laser gets you ready for item-level serialization

Pharmaceuticals faces tough legislation at every turn. As it should because the perils of mistakes are self-explanatory. Wrong ingredients, incorrect dosage or consumption of a different product altogether, can lead to all manner of unwanted repercussions: litigation, crushed reputation, even fatalities. So what do you do & how can coding help?