Simpler, Faster, Safer

F720i laser by Domino F720i Fibre Laser

Domino’s power concentration achieves high-quality codes - even on concave surfaces at the bottoms of cans - and at high-speeds.

Closeup of a can coded with laser Surface integrity

Domino's F720i is custom-built for the beverage environment and perfectly suited for engraving onto aluminum, resulting in high-quality can codes.

Here at Domino, our engineers pride themselves on understanding the key needs of our customers. From Beverage Can Coding Solutions to Pharmaceutical packaging, we design our product base to be as turnkey as possible.

Our new F720i Fiber Laser was built to personify that turnkey philosophy for the beverage production environment. Working hand-in-hand with a well-known beverage manufacturer, the top-of-the-line F-Series Fiber Laser was specifically built to tackle the needs of real-world beverage manufacturers. Our industry-leading F720i Fiber Laser is spec'ed to stand up to moisture, dust, heat and other rigors other coders just cannot withstand.

Now, beverage plants have the opportunity to have perfect traceability codes on every can with almost zero maintenance and no fluids required. The laser is a simple solution, which once running, becomes an almost invisible piece of technology. You will receive a completely documented plug-and-play solution from a single source.