Mark both light and dark plastic with the U510 UV Laser

UV Laser Expert
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Jon Hall

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Laser Marking Expert

U510 printing on white HDPE pharma bottle
U510 Bottle Caps Sample

Are you are looking for a worry-free solution to add indelible marks to plastic substrates for product identification?

Discover the U510 UV laser from Domino North America: The compact all-in-one laser coder excels on modern sustainable packaging developments such as recyclable flexible mono-material polymers including thin films.

The U510's UV light coding is achieved by a photochemical reaction in the top layer of substrates, which keeps the protective barrier of packaging intact and enables to mark white and colored products anywhere, without the need for laser-activated fields. Crisp, high contrast white codes on dark and black codes on light colored materials are the result.

Line integration is simplified by the all-in-one controller and laser unit; IP55 makes the U510 an ideal fit for wet or dusty production environments.

With the option to connect to the Domino Cloud, the U510 is designed for Industry 4.0 requirements.