Domino Delivers A Simplified Coding Automation Solution for Precision Coding

  • By Domino North America
  • September 12, 2017
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Coding Automation results in the right code, on the right product....100% of the time.


Incorporating and automating your coding equipment within your industrial network has long been deemed too complicated and too expensive. But a lot has changed in the world of manufacturing. In order for codes to function correctly, they need to be accurate, from the date and batch information on the individual product to the information on the boxes, all the way to up to the data displayed on the pallet label. It’s this level of precision that ensures the product gets to the right place at the right time. And this is where coding automation comes into play.

By adopting best practices in code deployment, businesses will realize the substantial bottom line and reduced production-risk benefits these can bring. Minimizing the need for re-working will also considerably diminish the chance of customer fines and improve predictability and profitability in operations. Domino’s depth and breadth of expertise in coding and marking means it is well positioned to advise upon and implement coding solutions in a wide variety of production environments. View the latest video from Domino North America to see why coding automation needs to be a critical piece to your production.

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