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7-minute read     Domino Printing Sciences

2D Codes Explained: What is a DotCode?

In our latest blog, we take a look at a lesser known 2D barcode symbology – the DotCode, a relatively new player on the 2D code scene, developed for use in very specific, high-throughput applications....
9-minute read     Volker Watzke

Best ways to print onto blister packaging

Blister packaging is pre-formed plastic packaging comprised of PET or PVC, created to protect a variety of consumer goods. Due to legislations, it's important for products to contain the appropriate c...
10-minute read     Domino Printing Sciences

The Engineer of the Future

The role of the service engineer is changing. Service engineers have always played a key role within manufacturing operations. If a machine fault occurs or an issue arises which causes production to s...

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