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  • April 05, 2017
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Here at Domino, we offer Internship opportunities to Students as a way of supporting their University courses with practical work experience. We are focused on providing them with valuable work which supports business requirements, whilst also giving real-life experience of working in a busy team within Domino.

Here we hear from Alice Bergmann, a student from Hamburg, who spent 6 months working in our HR team. Alice worked on several projects during her time with the HR team, including a global project reviewing and improving our on-boarding process for new starters to the business, a central project supporting the design and implementation of our new HR and Careers website, and gathering information to support us in benchmarking our benefits package.

Alice became an important part of the team during the 6 months she was with us. Not only did she make a real contribution to the projects she worked on, she also bought energy and positivity to everything she took on. She also introduced us to some German delicacies including cinnamon stars!

My Internship with Domino

During my 6-month Internship at Domino UK Ltd, I was able to get to know the different aspects of Human Resources as an HR Intern.

Throughout my time at Domino, I had the amazing opportunity to gain insights into a company that has to cope with new challenges every day with its global team. I learned a lot about the working culture of an international company. Furthermore, I was able to have exposure to the working world of HR and involvement in a growing manufacturing and engineering company. Also I gained some experience for my later working life. Moreover, I was able to apply things that I learned during my studies. The internship has improved my confidence in speaking with employees and handling their queries. Further it has made a huge impact on my communication style as a result of me understanding the dynamic of my team.

Another interesting aspect of the internship was the computer systems, which I worked on every day such as Smartsheet, SurveyMonkey, Outlook, Excel and Alfresco (our Intranet system). Again and again my colleagues showed me new functions, which I could then apply directly to my own work.

The atmosphere at work during my time at Domino was very positive. Everyone was really supportive and helped me whenever I had questions (and to be fair at the beginning I had a lot of questions!) to understand the structure of the business and the team, and straight away I felt part of my team. No question was too stupid or silly. It was a pleasure to be at work every day. And not only my team, but also all the other employees kindly welcomed me and made me feel part of Domino. The HR team made a great effort to include me in all the projects and tasks so that I could get the most out of my 6 months with them.

A big thank you to my team and the whole Company for dedicating their time to me. I would always consider working for Domino again and highly recommend it to other motivated and engaged students.”

In addition to Internships, we also support work experience, Student Placements for Degree level students and Apprenticeships across a wide variety of disciplines including Engineering, Chemistry, Software, Marketing and Sales to name a few.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of these opportunities with Domino, please contact our HR team on

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